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Husband Forgets Wife During Pee Stop, Forcing Her to Walk 19 Kms



Husband Forgets Wife During Pee Stop, Forcing Her to Walk 19 Kms

In an epic display of forgetfulness and absent-mindedness, a man in Thailand left his wife behind during a road trip, forcing her to walk more than 12 miles (19.31 km).

According to the Daily Mail, Boontom Chaimoon, 55, and his wife, Amnuay Chaimoon, 49, drove to her hometown in the Maha Sarakham Province on Sunday to spend the holidays.

The couple was having a good time until the husband needed to relieve himself. He pulled over to the side of the road at 3 a.m. to use the restroom.

Meanwhile, with no public restrooms nearby, the woman got out of the car and went into a nearby jungle to pee. However, the man failed to notice her exiting the vehicle. There was no sign of the truck or her husband when she returned.

She soon realized that her husband had abandoned her, leaving her stranded. She also didn’t have her phone with her because it was in a bag inside the truck. The woman was terrified and confused because it was dark, but she decided to walk to seek help.

She walked about 19 kilometers and arrived in the Kabin Buri district around 8 a.m. Fortunately, she was able to contact the local police, who instructed her to contact her husband. She dialed her own phone number at least 20 times because she couldn’t remember her husband’s phone number.

She was able to contact her husband with the assistance of cops around 8 a.m. All the while, the husband had no idea that his wife was not in the car and assumed she was sound asleep in the backseat. He had driven all the way to Korat province, 159.6 km away.

When he realized what had happened, he turned around and drove back to pick up his wife. He was deeply sorry for his actions and profusely apologized to his wife. Even though she had been through so much, the woman did not argue with him when he picked her up.

The woman revealed that they have been married for 27 years and have a 26-year-old son.

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