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How will a Hybrid Workplace Reshape the Future of Work?



Hybrid Workplace

Did you know 63% of high-growth companies have already switched to a hybrid workplace model? What’s more, many more organizations are following suit. The reasons are clear.

Employees worldwide now want their workplaces to prioritize workplace flexibility and balance, something that organizations with the hybrid workplace model currently excel in. And companies, on the other hand, want to benefit from productive, happy employees while saving on organization costs like leases, utilities, etc.

Since the hybrid workplace setup has shown promise in all these respects, there is no doubt that we will see more of it in the future. However, for the model to become more mainstream, how organizations work and how employers and employees perceive work will shift too.

Wondering how the hybrid workplace model will reshape the future of work? Read on.

  • Flexible Seating Will Become a Necessity in a Hybrid Workplace Setup

When a hybrid workplace setup is mainstream, employees can choose to work from home or come into the office as their work demands it. Of course, this means lower office footfall. Hence, office seating will change.

Office seating will need to be dynamic while being adaptable according to individual employee needs and preferences to boost employee productivity. So, whether employees need a workstation in their preferred location or a working neighborhood with their peers, employees should be able to access it easily.

While many organizations are already using desk management software to manage desks and make such allocation simpler, the adoption of such software will only increase in the future.

  • Synchronous Communication Will Become Commonplace in a Hybrid Workplace Setup

Companies have already witnessed the importance of seamless communication during the remote-working period of the pandemic. But in the hybrid workplace arrangement, synchronous and seamless communication is no longer a good-to-have feature. It is a need.

Why? Because here, teams will be split between in-office and remote working schedules, bringing communication challenges in the loop. These include different employee communication preferences, difficulties in keeping up with communication due to technology, etc.

So, companies will have to come up with effective communication strategies and deploy easy-to-use technologies company-wide to keep employees to be in the loop.

Organizations that have a hybrid workplace system in place are already scheduling in-person and remote meetings depending on the purpose and switching to communication apps like Slack that integrate both in-office and remote communications. Such arrangements will only become more prevalent in the times to come.

  • Employers Will Focus on Mental Well-Being in a Hybrid Workplace Arrangement

Remote workers faced loneliness and isolation when companies implemented remote working overnight. Safe to say, remote employees will experience a similar sense of detachment from their peers in a hybrid workplace setup.

Remember, workplace loneliness is already known to affect the bonding of the employees with their teammates but also their communication, motivation, and productivity.

Naturally, employers will need to prioritize the mental health of their employees in a hybrid workplace. This will mean taking proactive measures to improve employee mental health through fostering an inclusive workplace culture, promoting employee interactions by introducing shared workspaces, collaborations, and more.

  • Hiring Will Shift from Small Pools to Larger Ones

Since the hybrid workplace model allows employees to work remotely, candidates can apply for a job role, irrespective of their location. Of course, this means companies can choose highly qualified workers from a wider talent pool.

However, it also means organizations will have to work harder to retain their talent. So, employers will have to cater to employee preferences.

To add to it, companies will have to hire and train new employees online. Hence, they will also have to reimagine talent onboarding and training to make them as hassle-free as possible in the hybrid workplace setup.

  • Job Roles Will Change in the Hybrid Workplace Arrangement

Given employees will only work from the office part-time in the hybrid workplace model, job roles will change. Firstly, jobs will become remote-friendly, so employees can work from wherever they please. What’s more, companies will shift to hiring contract workers to increase the flexibility of the workforce and cut costs.

In fact, organizations will even implement intelligent systems like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage routine tasks to further reduce costs. This arrangement, in turn, will leave room for employees to pursue other creative roles.

With job roles undergoing drastic shifts, the mandatory skillsets to get a job will change, and so will the parameters for measuring success and rewarding employees. Naturally, HRs need to step up and ensure employee work is not only recognized but compensated for adequately.

How Can You Prepare for the Future?

The hybrid workplace setup is taking over the current office setup at breakneck speeds. Naturally, employers will have to reimagine their workflows to keep up with them. To start, they can ask themselves a few key questions.

These include- What are the current employee expectations? What arrangements will the current workers need to succeed in a hybrid work environment? What kind of infrastructural changes are required for the same? Can the transition to a hybrid system be made easier through software? And so on.

Answers these questions along with constant employee feedback will help employers build a robust work environment that will stand the test of changing work trends.

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