How To Get Subscribers On YouTube With Simple Steps
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How to Get Subscribers on YouTube With Simple Steps



How to Get Subscribers on YouTube With Simple Steps

At the moment, it is estimated that there are more than 31 million active channels on YouTube. With this fierce competition, it is difficult to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube. However, there are always ways to attract the right audience that will be interested in your content. Some influencers buy services to boost their channels, while others implement advanced techniques that gain them free YouTube subscribers.

No matter your niche, you should make sure that you follow the best strategies for attracting your target audience. These strategies will help you convince users to subscribe to your channel, while they will also boost its visibility. In this article, you are going to discover the best ways to get free YouTube subscribers.

Step 1 – Use All the Clickable Features of YouTube

YouTube is a platform that over the years has introduced many features to help its creators. These features include clickable elements that you can place in your videos to promote the rest of your content and use as subscribe buttons. First of all, you have the option of including a branding watermark, which in essence, can be used as a subscribe button directly from your video. Then, you can choose to include cards to promote relevant content to your viewers. This way, you can give views to your older videos. Lastly, the end screen is the ideal place to promote other relevant videos and to add a subscribe button.

Step 2 – Add a Subscribe Link to Your Channel Art

According to YouTube Vanced some great features that YouTube has introduced are the clickable links on your channel art. When you fill in your information in your About section, you have the option to include some external links. A clever to use this tool is to include a subscribe link. Therefore, whenever a user clicks on it, he will automatically subscribe to your channel. This is a great way to gain free YouTube subscribers, without much effort.

Step 3 – Create Videos of the Right Length

If you want to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, then you have to discover the right length for your videos. Users will choose to subscribe to a channel that posts content that is according to their preferences. To discover what your particular audience likes, take a look at your YouTube analytics, and more specifically at your audience retention metric. There, you will see how your videos are performing second by second. If you notice that the majority of the users abandon your videos at an early stage, then you need to consider making them shorter. On the other hand, if your audience watches your videos in their entirety, then you can try making them lengthier.

Step 4 – Make an Impactful First Impression

The first few seconds of your videos are very important. They set the overall tone of the video and set the viewers’ expectations. For this reason, you should aim on creating a great first impression. Make the first 10 seconds of your video as impactful as possible. For example, you can add a memorable moment from your video as a sneak peek. If viewers find this interesting, they will keep watching your content, even when they are not familiar with your channel. This is also a great way of getting free YouTube subscribers.

Step 5 – Create a Video Series

If you want to gain new subscribers, then you need to start thinking long-term. A video series is something that will make users invested in your content. If you manage to capture their attention, they will return to your channel to watch the latest episode of your series. Of course, this strategy requires that you grab their interest from the very first episode so that they want to remain in your channel. A great idea is to end each episode with a cliffhanger to motivate them to watch the next one.

Step 6 – Ask for Your Viewers’ Opinion

A secret to how to get subscribers on YouTube is to make your viewers feel valued. When you acknowledge them and make them a part of your creative process, they feel that you consider their preferences. For example, you create polls and ask them for video suggestions. Moreover, you can start a conversation by asking them questions in your videos. No matter how you choose to acknowledge your audience, make sure that you let them know by mentioning it in your videos and your social media.

Step 7 – Upload Consistent Content

When a user subscribes to a channel is because he enjoys the content that he finds there. If he suddenly sees videos that are irrelevant to the previous ones, he will feel confused and choose to unsubscribe. For this reason, you always need to be consistent in your niche and post content according to it. Each niche has specific types of videos that are popular among its audience. Therefore, before you create a video, research your competitors to find out what your target audience likes.

Step 8 – Reach Out to Other Creators


When you learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, you will quickly discover that collaborations are the most effective. When you create videos with another influencer, you expose your channel to their audience. If you make a great impression on these users, they will check out your channel, and potentially subscribe to it. The best thing about these collaborations is that you approach your target audience.

Step 9 – Write Compelling Video Titles

Another way to attract more users to your channel is to create videos that stand out among the other search results. This includes the thumbnail, video title, and short description. The title should be compelling and eye-catching, while it should also include your main keyword. In fact, it is the most important element of your video’s success after the thumbnail.

Follow all of these steps to start growing your YouTube channel. Once you get enough traffic, you will enjoy even more subscribers and video views.

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