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How to Become a Digital Signing Reseller or Partner



Digital Signing Reseller

Digital Signing Reseller: It used to be the case that electronic signatures were considered by most people to be less trustworthy than traditional, written ones. Now, all that has changed. Not only are electronic signatures considered legally binding, but digital signatures are even more secure and can be used for authentication purposes.

What Are Digital Signing Resellers?

Digital signing resellers are companies or individuals that issue digital signature certificates and products. They typically interact with enterprise-level customers in the course of performing normal business and offer digital signing services as a complementary product. People can learn more at mSign about what digital signing resellers do or they can read on to find out how to become a partner.

Choose a Digital Signature Solution

The first step to becoming a digital signing reseller is to choose a digital signature solution. The best option is usually to work with the same provider for both a company’s direct eSignature needs and its complementary role as a digital signature reseller. If the company’s current digital signature solution doesn’t offer guaranteed regulatory compliance, excellent customer support, and white label solutions, change providers now before signing up for a reseller program.

Reach Out for Information

The next step to becoming an official digital signature reseller is to reach out to the white label eSignature service provider to request additional information. People planning to sign up should expect to provide some basic information about themselves and the companies they work for, but shouldn’t have to offer financial or sensitive personal information.

Choosing a service provider that already has a working relationship with the company is a good idea in terms of guaranteeing the legitimacy of the program, as well. When in doubt, reach out to the company directly about its reseller program.

Integrate the API

After approving an application for joining the digital signature reseller program, the eSignature service provider should offer access to its proprietary application programming interface (API). The API should be easy to integrate into a company’s existing software. Developer-friendly RESTful APIs support a variety of programming languages for added accessibility, making it even simpler to move to the next stage of becoming a digital signature reseller.

Customize the Product

One of the many advantages of finding a provider that offers white label services is that it allows businesses to customize their products using company logos, branding, and domains. The customers that use the product won’t know who powers it. They’ll just pay the reseller for access to the digital signature product, and the reseller will pay a reasonable fee to the service provider.

Start Earning Income

Once business owners sign up for the reseller program and implement the API, they can start earning passive income immediately. The amount of money earned will vary based on the size of a reseller’s user base and what industries the company serves. What all resellers have in common is that they can make passive income without ever worrying about maintenance, troubleshooting, or providing customer support.

Digital Signature Resellers Can Start Earning Almost Immediately

All it takes to start earning passive income as a digital signature reseller is finding a reputable eSignature platform and paying a one-time setup fee. From there, it’s easy to personalize the branding, domain, and logos, then start offering the product to the company’s existing customers. There’s nothing to lose, so submit an application today.


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