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Hoover Dam Was Quickly Able To Put Out A Transformer Fire

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Hoover Dam

(CTN News) – The fire at Hoover Dam near Boulder City, Nevada, was put out by firefighters Tuesday after a transformer briefly caught fire. The incident occurred during a brief fire that briefly broke out in a transformer, according to officials.

The transformer at Hoover Dam exploded Tuesday, causing a cloud of thick, black smoke and flames which were quickly extinguished after the explosion.

There were no injuries, and one of the country’s largest hydroelectric facilities continued to produce electricity after the incident, according to authorities.

According to Jacklynn L. Gould, the regional director of the Lower Colorado Region of the federal Bureau of Reclamation, there is no risk to the power grid at all from the incident.

As soon as the fire started around 10 a.m., it spread quickly within about a half-hour and was put out in less than an hour, she explained Hoover Dam.

Some of the visitors to Hoover Dam, located about 25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of Las Vegas along the Nevada-Arizona border, captured the scene on video and shared it on social media shortly after it occurred.

The Hoover Dam is a popular tourist attraction located on the Nevada-Arizona border.

A 13 year old boy from San Francisco, William Herro, was on a viewing bridge with his parents when he saw the explosion and then heard the sound of a “big boom.”

The explosion looked like a mushroom and then a fire followed after that. Herro, who captured the event on his cellphone and posted it on TikTok, said that dozens of tons of black smoke just exploded in the air.

“I was really surprised and started filming as soon as I realized what was going on.”

It was reported that the explosion occurred in a building slightly downstream from the base of the dam, according to the postings.

Located along the Colorado River in the Black Canyon, the complex is a part of the World Heritage Site.

It is unclear what caused the fire and how extensive the damage to the transformer was at the time of the incident. An investigation is ongoing as to the cause.

It is estimated that the dam is the second-tallest in the United States, according to the Bureau of Reclamation, at 726 feet (221 meters).

An average of 100,000 households can be supplied with electricity by each of its 17 generators.

The dam is a National Historic Landmark, and the wide top of the dam is accessed by as many as 20,000 vehicles a day.

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