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Healthy is the New Sexy Here’s 5 of the Top Wellness Trends for 2020

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5 Wellness Trends in 2020

Healthy is new sexy and this year people are paying even more attention to their health and wellness than ever before. And what exactly have become the trends in self-care this year? Let’s see.

Non-invasive procedures

Non-invasive methods of aesthetic cosmetology is an alternative to surgical intervention.

Cryolipolysis for those who can’t reach the desired shape with a diet and a healthy lifestyle, ultrasound for dermatological issues and aging such as hyperpigmentation, blackheads, scars, wrinkles. Fillers, laser, injections, and the list goes on.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) reports that non-invasive treatment increased by 10.4% while the popularity of operations decreased.

According to, the most demanded procedures are:

  1. Botox
  2. hyaluronic acid injections
  3. hair removal
  4. nonsurgical fat removal,
  5. and photo rejuvenation.

And top countries for non-invasive procedures are the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, India, Italy, and Turkey.

Preventive medical examinations

preventive medical examinations

Consequently people don’t think about preventive medicine as an unnecessary loss of time anymore. Modern humans strive to achieve a lot. And they realize how health is important in their way to success and happiness. Thus, the demand for preventive medical examinations called check-ups continues to rise in 2020.

There are lots of programs for different patient’s needs — basic check-ups, cancer, neurological, cardiac, gastric screening, female, male, pediatric, etc. The choice depends on the age, gender, heredity, medical history, specific complaints, and symptoms if any.

Advanced Medtech solutions make it possible to undergo exams in advanced hospitals in just one day. The fastest check-up takes only 3 hours.

Some hospitals such as Kyung Hee Medical Center (Seoul, South Korea) offer a “smart check-up”. The hospital system with AI determines the type of screening package right for the person based on his/her age, sex, and personal features.

According to Bookimed, an international platform to match the hospital and arrange treatment abroad, the top affordable destinations for check-ups are Thailand, South Korea, Greece, Turkey, India, the UAE.

Wellness Retreats

wellness retreats

Retreats are the programs aimed to escape from everyday life to devote all time to work on oneself. The origin of retreats is found in most world religions. In a modern context, a retreat is an opportunity to free yourself from tension, relieve stress, “reboot” thinking and go beyond its current limits. Even more the number of people who care about their health and state of mind and want to find peace with retreats is increasing worldwide.

Above all the essence of retreats is in a total change of ordinary scenery — a healthy daily routine, healthy meals, restoring physical activity, practices. A cardinal change in exercise, nutrition, and the environment with a lack of time for idle thoughts and Internet surfing makes it possible to see your self and to change it as much as possible.

Today there are lots of retreat programs so anyone can find the appropriate one. They can last from several days to several years, and they can be both individual and collective, general or dedicated to specific practices, located not far away from home or in remote places in the mountains.

The American magazine Harper’s Bazaar states that most popular retreat destinations in 2020 are Indonesia, Mexico, Himalayas, Colombia, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica and also Thailand.

Wellness vacations

spa tours

Even more wellness and spa tours are more popular than ever as poor ecology, stress, and overload affect people’s mental and physical health.

Tours for wellness are suitable for people of different ages. Programs also include SPA procedures, thalassotherapy, Ayurvedic sessions, bathing in thermal springs, various types of massages. Their primary purpose is to give a customer all conditions for relaxing, gaining strength, distracting from the monotony, and enjoying nature.

TripAdvisor names Indonesia, India, the USA, Australia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Maldives, and Spain as the most “blissful destinations for wellness travel.”

Detox programs

Detox programs involve a special diet

You are what you eat — this old veritas is coming back with new approaches. One of them is detox.

Detox programs involve a special diet aimed at removing toxins from the body and reducing weight. The doctor assesses the degree of toxin contamination; bioenergy examination; measuring the ratio of fat; bone and muscle tissue; consulted with a nutritionist; and following treatment with yoga and massages.

A vacation in a detox center is also an opportunity to get rid of the accumulated stress and extra centimeters. Also to erase tension from the face, add vitality, lightness, and gain inspiration for a new lifestyle. Some centers focus on losing weight, others — coping with chronic diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines, skin, and allergic diseases. People with chronic illnesses should consult a doctor first.

According to Forbes magazine, the best places for detoxing can be found in Costa Rica, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Italy, India and also Thailand



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