Home News Health Authorities Fight to Contain Omicron Variant in Thailand

Health Authorities Fight to Contain Omicron Variant in Thailand

Health Authorities Fight to Contain Omicron Variant in Thailand
Health Authorities Fight to Contain Omicron Variant in Thailand

Thailand’s Health authorities have said the number of confirmed cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has risen sharply in the past week and there is concern over a super spread from a cluster in northeastern Thailand.

The Department of Medical Services Chief, Dr Supakit Sirilak said Friday that the number of cases of Omicron has risen to 205 as of Thursday night. The number of cases rose sharply from 104 on Tuesday.

Twenty-five Thais were among 205 people in close contact with patients who arrived from abroad, Dr Supakit said.

The Public Health Ministry announced on Friday that 2,671 newly reported delta variant cases and 27 new deaths were registered in the 24 hours to midnight on Thursday. No deaths have been reported over the Omicron variant.

According to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, 84% of confirmed cases in the country were of the Delta variant, and 16% were of the Omicron variant. The Omicron variant was confirmed in 53% of patients arriving from other countries, and the Delta variant was identified in 47% of patients.

According to health authorities, Omicron cases are on the rise. Therefore, they were concerned about a cluster in Kalasin in which 100 people were at risk. This was as a result of close contact with a couple who had visited relatives in Belgium.

The couple arrived at Khon Kaen airport via Suvarnabhumi on Dec 11 from Belgium and an RT-PCR test at Kalasin Hospital five days later confirmed a positive result. Khon Kaen hospital was treating the couple and other patients

In Kalasin, their son-in-law, 22, who resides in Udon Thani, visited them, and he was later found to have the Omicron variant.

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According to Dr Supakit, a total of 22 people in the Kalasin cluster tested positive, including 19 people who were close to the couple.

Public Health Ministry was concerned about the cluster in Kalasin because the couple travelled to other places in their home province and in neighbouring Khon Kaen after returning home.

The Thai couple’s itinerary included visits to a bar, a shopping mall, and a government office. He and his wife also travelled to the passport office in a public passenger van to Khon Kaen.

On Monday, the public health office in Khon Kaen issued a warning to people travelling on THAI Smile WE046 on Dec 11 and residing in places they visited. This was to closely monitor their health. If any of the symptoms common to Coronavirus develop, contact authorities immediately.

Source: Bangkok Post


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