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Police in Thailand Battling New Drug Cocktail “Happy Water”



Police in Thailand Battling New Drug Cocktail "Happy Water"

Narcotics Suppression Police in Thailand are stepping up their campaign against “Happy Water”, a surprisingly potent mixture of illegal drugs made into a cocktail that’s use has become rampant in nightspots in this beach resort town.

One suspected “Happy Water” trafficker has been arrested and more are being sought by Narcotics Suppression Police.

Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) chief Pol Lt Gen Sarayut Sanguanpokhai confirmed the arrest following an investigation into the activities of a gang that was selling the drug in entertainment venues in the resort town of Pattaya.

He explained that happy water is made by dissolving other drugs – typically ecstasy, methamphetamine, diazepam, caffeine, and tramadol (a painkiller) – in hot water or mixing them with sweetened drinks.

As a result, users report feeling euphoric but not exhausted after ingesting the concoction. Pol Lt Gen Sarayut said that it is very popular among Thais and foreigners visiting Pattaya nightspots.

Investigators with the NSB are seeking two Thais and one foreigner believed to be involved in the local happy water trade. On Saturday morning, they arrested Sarayuth Boonmalee, 28, alias Onn, at Tawaen beach in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri.

The Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest on Feb 21 for colluding in the possession of illicit drugs.

According to investigators, the suspect’s role was to deliver drugs to local bars and clubs.

The suspect has been seized by police with two houses, one car, three motorcycles, and other valuables worth more than 9 million baht.

In the course of questioning, Mr. Sarayuth confessed to the charges, according to the police. Mr. Sarayuth is being held in NSB custody pending further action.

Happy Water Thailand

What is Happy Water?

In recent years, happy water has become increasingly popular. There is no odor or color to it and it appears in a transparent liquid state. It is commonly mixed with components such as methamphetamine, amphetamine, and ketamine.

Nightclub goers love it because it is easy to hide and disguise. Happy water can cause euphoria and hallucinations after consumption.

It resembles an ordinary beverage in its appearance and is often stored in bottles of oral liquid and mineral water to disguise its appearance. As a result, it is popular among young people in nightclubs; however, they tend to ignore the following issues before abusing it:

Early on, a small amount of abuse can cause euphoria and extension of pleasure (for example, by playing games or having sexual relations). These drugs can cause people to stay awake for long periods of time without sleep and suppress their appetite.

Apart from addiction, higher levels of abuse can cause headaches, confusion, high fever, increased blood pressure, night sweats, pupil dilation, loss of appetite, and other symptoms; long-term or high-dose abuse can result in insomnia, mental confusion, auditory hallucinations, hallucinations, paranoia, victimization, mental disorders, delusional schizophrenia, and pleasure deficiencies.

Among the abnormal symptoms are tinnitus, hearing ringing or whistling sounds, the perception of the soul leaving the body, and having strong visions. A person may become resistant to stimuli and pain, and their body may lose balance. Amnesia (fragmentation) and impaired cognition are potential side effects.

Ketamine is often found in high concentrations in the urine. Abuse of this drug over the long term may lead to interstitial cystitis, frequent urination, urgent urination, dysuria, hematuria, and incontinence. It may even be necessary to remove the bladder in severe cases.

It consists of a wide range of drugs that do not have any specific ingredients. Many abusers become addicted without realizing it, resulting in serious consequences.

The abuse process is simple. Food or drinks can be disguised to resemble the substance. Social activities are commonplace for young people to be exposed to this type of drug, particularly girls.

These drugs can be easily mixed into drinks. One should therefore be cautious when drinking. Particularly, when returning after leaving a seat, avoid drinking the previous drink and ingesting substances unknown to the person.

A variety of packaging methods is used: the drug is stored in colorless lotion bottles, medicine bottles, and so on, which makes detection difficult.

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