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Gwei Noel Yengong, A Successful Fashionista of Fashion and Dress

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The personality of the person depends on its overall look, but the dress is the most prominent thing that makes a fashion trend hit or flop. Most people used to follow the latest fashion trends and copy them, but for others, it’s just a new fashion trend.

Some people used to wear dresses who present their culture and tradition. They mix up the latest fashion trends into their cultural dressing and prepare the best fashion wear that fulfills the requirements of the present day. Today, we are going to discuss the personality of the person who belongs to the fashion industry. Let’s have a look.


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His name is Gwei Noel Yengong, and people recognized him as ManlikeClix. He belongs to the Northwest region of Cameroon, and it’s the place where he born. He completes his elementary education from the same place and then moved to Europe for further studies.

Even more he is the fashionista and creative person who love with art. As you ever get the chance to watch his pictures, you will notice the African culture that he blends with his outfits. If you want to look at the classic combination of Europe and African culture and fashion, we recommend you to follow his Instagram @manlikeClix where you can find the huge collection of his fashion-wear.

You can check his amazing style in his picture where he dressed in a T-shirt, designed with Ankara fabric and the pair of standsmith Sneakers gives it a new look. He used to call it “The fusion style”.

Gwei Noel Yengong Fan following:

His fan loved him a lot and gives the title of the best-dressed man 2020. He paved into the fashion industry, and his continuous effort makes him the style icon. His unique dress code helps him a lot in making a different identity as a fashion icon. Some of his pictures in which he dressed up with a special code that broke the web as it circulated around the web. His second name Manlikeclix has named a distinct advantage due to his splendid capacity for this combination style and numerous others as observed on his web-based life stages.

Social media presence:

Gwei Noel Yengong who is active on Instagram @manlikeClix and he also active on Facebook with the name @Noel Closets. He is no uncertainty the best-dressed man since he didn’t simply break the web with his design pictures, yet in addition, broke the record as sorting out an effective style occasion with a massive turnout and tickets sold. Become more acquainted with a greater amount of GWEI NOEL YENGONG by visiting his Instagram or also his Facebook page @Noel Closets, and you will see his design works.

Long story short, Gwei Noel Yengong knows how to tackle people with a unique style and look. He is one of the people who struggle hard, and God answers them for their dedication and hard work. Well, if you are one of his fans, then don’t forget to follow him.

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