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Grow your Way to become a top Twitch Streamer in 2022

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Twitch is the ultimate place for gamers who want to follow their passion and turn it into a well-paying source of revenue. Video games are a source of entertainment for millions around the world, and is home to professional gamers and live streamers and millions of viewers and audiences. As more and more gamers continue to quit their boring day jobs to become full time creators, it’s about time to realise the immense revenue potential of a platform like Twitch.

Curious to know more about the popularity of Twitch? Take a look at some of the key stats – Twitch is home to more than 15 million active users monthly, with more than 50,000 channels on its platforms. Around 55% of users on Twitch are aged between 18-34 years

With a daily active user base of 15 million, the popularity of Twitch is insane and it knows no bounds. Within years, has become the go-to-platform for gamers who want to show their skills, entertain viewers and connect with their audiences by building a community of loyal fans and followers. Did you know that on an average, a creator on Twitch can earn up to $50,000 annually!

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If you are a gamer too and want to earn money while having fun, now is the time to chase your heart. If you’ve heard of Twitch and are ready to take the plunge into its deep and exciting trenches, this post will help you navigate the waters.

In this post, you will learn the tips and tricks for growing your Twitch channel in 2022 and realising your dream of becoming a successful creator.

Twitch Monetization Options:

  1. Subscriptions: After becoming a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, any creator can monetize their channel by accepting subscriptions from followers.
  2. Bits: Bits are a virtual currency and it enables viewers and fans of a live stream to support creators. Viewers can cheer for game plays or live streams through special messages or emotes that can be bought using bits.
  3. Donations: Twitch streamers can accept donations from their followers and viewers. By clicking on a button, followers can send money to your account directly.
  4. Ads Integration: Reserved only for Partners, Twitch offers both pre-roll and display ads and based on the popularity of the streamer and their channel, the cost-per-click or the earning per click is determined.

Now that you know about the popular revenue streams for Twitch streamers, here’s what it takes to become a Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner.

For becoming a Twitch affiliate:

  1. Achieve at least 50 followers in a month
  2. Clock a minimum of 500 minutes or more
  3. Stream for at least 7 unique broadcasts
  4. Achieve an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers

For becoming a Twitch partner:

  • Streamed 25 hours of broadcast over the last 30 days
  • 12 unique broadcast days over the last 30 days
  • An average of 75 viewers per broadcast

Okay so here is the most important question – how can you start monetizing your Twitch channel as an emerging and upcoming creator?

There are many simple and complex ways of growing your channel and climbing the ranks on Twitch. But if you are serious about it, then it all comes down to one simple fact – the more number of viewers and followers you have, the faster you can reach Affiliate and Partner status to earn serious money with Twitch.

Now, there are two ways to get followers and viewers on your channel. The first way is the long and tiresome route, where you have to wait and grow organically while relying on the Twitch algorithm and lots of luck for growth.

There is another route which is where things get interesting. In this route, instead of waiting, you can start growing quickly, by buying twitch followers for your channel and speed up your journey to success on Twitch.

The easiest way for buying Twitch followers is to seek help from verified and reputed sites with a proven success record. Before you get all too excited to start earning and monetizing your channel, it is wise to carefully plan this so you don’t end up violating Twitch’s terms and policies.

Now you might be wondering how to go about searching for trusted sources for buying Twitch followers? If you’re all set to grow, check out who can help you become a Twitch affiliate easily and securely.

With TwitchFollowers, you get access to genuine viewers and authentic followers which will help you grow your channel’s reach and bring in more viewers and audiences to your channel. Tbus you get benefits in both the short and the long run with this growth strategy.

It’s time to give wings to your dreams of earning money while gaming. Twitch is waiting for creators like you to level up! Start now and live the life of your dreams where anything is possible and you can do what you love to do the most. Time to buckle up, player one!


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