Missing 79-Year-Old German Woman Found in Phuket



Police in Phuket, Thailand have found a 79-year-old German tourist on Monday after she was reported missing from her hotel in Thalang district on the island province on May 9.

The Phuket News reports that Ms. Barbara Elisabeth Monika Glag Lange was discovered at about 11.30 am in Sirinat National Park after a search conducted by the navy, police, park officials, and Thalang residents.

Her family reported that she had not been seen since May 9 after arriving at the Maikhao Palm Beach Resort on May 3 for a vacation with her family.

She also had been missing from the hotel the day before, but police located her and brought her back the same day. She was suspected of suffering from Dementia.

As part of the recent investigation, planes flew along the coast, surveillance cameras were reviewed, boats were searched off Nai Yang Beach, and communities were checked.

Her medical condition is being assessed at Phuket’s Thalang Hospital, and she is currently receiving treatment. The first reports indicate that she appears to be in reasonable health.

American Lost in Phuket Jungle

In April, an American tourist got lost in the jungle in the Thalang district of Phuket. The tourist, an unnamed 68-year-old man, had become lost in the afternoon, but a rescue team luckily found him in the early evening.

The American tourist reportedly had some scratches on his leg and was dehydrated, but otherwise was alright.

After getting lost, the man contacted Phuket Tourist Police, and they searched for him along a nature trail on a hill with the help of nearby national park officers.

In March, another foreigner became lost in a forest in Thailand. A French resident with Alzheimer’s disease, 72, disappeared in a forest near northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai province.

After his family could not contact him, police searched for him with 200 police officers and district leaders. The man was found at a hilltop temple.


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