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Thailand Reports its 3rd Case of Monkeypox in Phuket

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Thailand Records its 3Rd Case of Monkeypox in Phuket

Thailand’s Department of Disease Control reported a third monkeypox case found in Phuket on Wednesday.

Department of Disease Control director-general Opas Karnkawinpong said the latest monkeypox case is a 25-year-old German man who arrived in Phuket on July 18th.

It is believed that the German man caught the virus in another country since it has a 21-day incubation period. He said a search was underway for people who had been in contact with him.

According to Dr. Opas, the patient had a fever and blisters in his groin area before they spread to other parts of his body. As reported by the World Health Organization, 98% of infected individuals have blisters or rashes around their genitalia, most of whom are homosexuals or bisexuals.

On Wednesday afternoon, Phuket public health chief Kusak Kukiatikoon provided additional details.

In an interview with Dr. Kusak, he confirmed that the German patient and his Thai wife arrived in Phuket on July 18. According to him, he was neither homosexual nor bisexual.

During their stay in Phuket, they stayed with their wife’s family in the Muang district of Phuket. In addition to sightseeing, the couple did not visit any entertainment venues.

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During the weekend of July 23-24, he developed a fever, a rash, and blisters. Symptoms of the rash and blisters began spreading by July 30-31. The symptoms began in his genital area and spread to his arms, hands, and other body parts by August 1. A blood test was performed on Tuesday at a hospital. A treatment plan was then formulated for him.

A total of seven people had been in close contact with him initially, including his wife and her family. None of them displayed any symptoms. Meanwhile, his wife is awaiting the blood test results for monkeypox and is in isolation at her family home.

According to Dr. Opas, Thailand’s first two monkeypox cases, a Nigerian and a Thai, are recovering slowly without taking antiviral medication for their monkeypox. Cambodia treated the Nigerian man.

He said the Phuket public health officials would give further details on the third case.

In a statement, he explained that the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation had ordered the monkeypox vaccine from abroad and that delivery was expected by the end of this month. There will be two groups of people to receive the vaccine – medical personnel and people who have been in close contact with monkeypox patients within the past 14 days.

Home Isolation for Monkeypox

People who have monkeypox can recover without medical assistance, according to Dr. Opas. The disease is not severe or easily transmissible, he said.

Approximately 18,000 known patients have been infected worldwide, but only three have died. He said no deaths occurred among those without a prior chronic disease.

The Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, Dr. Somsak Akksilp, said anyone who suspects they may be infected should get a medical examination within 24 hours. It would take three to four hours for the results of a laboratory test to be known. Antiviral medications are not necessary for most patients.

According to him, patients without chronic diseases whose symptoms are not severe should be isolated at home for treatment.

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