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A Look at Gambling and Marijuana Legalization in America”

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A Look at Gambling and Marijuana Legalization in America

(CTN News) – “The incapacity of the person to regulate the gambling is the source of a gambling issue.”

The National Council on Problem Gambling, a group financed by the gambling industry to assist those who have developed an addiction to its goods, agrees.

State politicians have dismissed concerns that increased access to gambling would make it easier for individuals to lose control due to the belief that anybody who develops a gambling addiction is solely responsible for it.

36 states have allowed sports betting after the Supreme Court overturned prior prohibitions in 2018 (26 of which allow mobile betting), and fresh ballot measures are put up each year.

The Super Bowl this weekend will include plenty of advertisements for online sports betting if you’ve recently watched a sporting event.

Similarly, proponents of marijuana legalization stress how the drug’s appropriate usage may help those with terminal illnesses feel less agony.

They also highlight the worst excesses of the War on Drugs, which luckily are becoming less common but still disproportionately harm Black people.

Only four states still prohibit the use of marijuana in any way, proving the effectiveness of this argument. All other states permit the medical use of cannabis products; recreational marijuana usage is now completely legal in 19 states.

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People who argue for relaxing the government’s prohibitions on vice often offer idealized scenarios to support their claims.

For example, shouldn’t mature, responsible people, be allowed to judge how to spend their money and care for their bodies?

This sounds enticing, and there are undoubtedly intelligent individuals who gamble responsibly and consume marijuana.

However, concentrating on these ideal examples and basing our rules on them ignores the millions of individuals who suffer from their addictions and hides the deceptive strategies businesses use to profit from addicts’ suffering.

These discussions reveal a disagreement concerning our attitudes towards virtue and vice.

Legalization makes sense if we believe that individuals tend to make choices based on what they perceive to be in their best interests, particularly young people developing lifelong habits.

There is no justification for keeping possible dangers off our smartphones or out of brick-and-mortar clinics if life is a series of contracts we willingly sign.

However, this method of looking at the world ignores the reality that our habits, which are often both irrationally self-destructive and sensible, and our experiences, emotions, and other factors, also impact how we think and feel.

Increased legal gaming availability will ultimately increase gambling addiction. In her book Addiction by Design, Natasha Dow Schüll meticulously explains how computerized slot machines are designed to cause addiction in their users.

“Once you’ve hooked ’em, you want to keep pulling money out of them until you have it all,” one video game designer asserts.

states legalized marijuana

“The barb is in, and you’re yanking the hook.” Colleges and universities have been persuaded to let sports betting businesses advertise their services on campus in exchange for free bets.

State regulations often let the gambling sector to self-regulate. Thus these businesses are required to identify and eliminate their most loyal consumers.

This has been as ineffective as one would think; one research found that in 1998, just 4% of gambling income from video lottery games came from “responsible” players, while up to 50% of the money came from “problem gamblers.”

Gambling wouldn’t be a multibillion-dollar industry without addicts, just as cigarette firms would fail if everyone used their goods wisely.

Marijuana has a more convoluted history because it has legitimate (albeit fairly limited) medical advantages.

Careful examinations, however, reveal that marijuana legalization has led to an increase in opioid-related fatalities, particularly now that dispensaries are permitted to sell whatever cannabis product they like.

The number of referrals for addiction treatment also rises due to allowing dispensaries, which is not unexpected given the dangers associated with higher-potency products.

The strongest data we currently have pointed to marijuana’s negative effects on adolescent brain development and the rise in juvenile marijuana usage when states legalize the drug.


The businesses that make money from addiction seek to frame the issue of access in terms of “responsible usage” and sometimes imply that certain individuals could be genetically predisposed to addiction.

They may avoid discussing how much work goes into making their items as accessible as possible by using this individualized framing. What’s more, it sidesteps the issue of whether it benefits everyone when addictions are harder to quit and easier to start.

A fuller and more compelling worldview exist, one that is based on intellectual traditions from across history.

It acknowledges that our existence is more than just a collection of agreements we negotiate and that our capacity for wise decision-making is built on more than just reason.

To thrive, virtue requires a variety of attitudes and behaviors in addition to good actions. We may seek to cultivate the virtues inside us so that we can be kind, giving, and self-controlled throughout our lives, just as individuals might be drawn into addictions.

We should make it as difficult as we can to obtain things that impede our capacity to make wise judgments in light of this rich perspective on our shared existence.

Prevention of people’s worst tendencies and developing our virtues are not primarily the state’s responsibility.

However, we acknowledge the importance that legislation plays in influencing the environment so that we may cultivate our virtues.

We need guardrails to prevent individuals from driving off cliffs of vice, just as roads have guardrails for situations when a motorist isn’t practicing complete self-control.

People often use America’s historical experience with Prohibition as evidence that excessive restriction of vice has its risks.

Even if the classical tradition of virtue promotes moderation in all things (including moderation in regulation and prohibition), this story is more nuanced than the one that is often believed.

No Chance that the Cannabis Bill Will Ever Pass its Second Reading in the House 1

Before the ratification of the Twentieth Amendment, domestic violence and alcoholic diseases were at all-time highs; however, Prohibition significantly decreased both. There is no proof that Prohibition made organized crime more powerful, only that it made it more obvious.

Nevertheless, a century later, we can design marijuana and gambling laws to protect the most vulnerable individuals, particularly young people, while still allowing those who want to lose some money to do so with a little extra effort and allowing those who could benefit from marijuana to do so under the supervision of a doctor.

It is beneficial for everyone if there are some wise restrictions: Cannabis should only be used with a doctor’s approval, and gambling should only be done in brick-and-mortar establishments.

To help one another grow in virtue, we will need many more rules than just a few, but at the moment, vice and its lobbyists are at a disadvantage that needs to be eliminated.

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