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Gal Stotland – A Multi-Talented Instagram Influencer

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Gal Stotland – A Multi Talented Instagram Influencer

Today is the era of social media, which has made it easy to let the talent worldwide, come up to the display. We get surprised by seeing such skilled and smart people. Today we bring you one of the best Instagram influencer Gal Stotland who is 26 years old and has already earned fame and a massive number of free Instagram followers in a short time.

Introduction to Gal Stotland

Gal Stotland is an Israeli model who has amazed his audience with his Instagram profile. He has such a creative and attractive content that top of the models has. In each of his selfies and photo, he displays a diverse attitude and mood. He is not ashamed of being bold and often comes shirtless in photos. He is not a simple model, but a male fashionista who has set a competition for other male models.

Besides a fashion monger, Gal is an actor and a dancer. He has worked on many TV shows as both actor and dancer. Back in the days, he and his good friend were famous as a duo called “Yuv and Gal.” They would dress up like each other and perform as twins. Besides all the modeling work, Gal never gives up on this side of the career. Continuing dancing solo, he becomes a Zumba dance teacher. On his Facebook profile, Gal has shared many videos in which he is teaching dancing to his students. These videos show his passion for dancing and how he loves to teach it to other people.

Fans and Followers

Recently, Gal has gained more than 222k followers on Instagram. Aside from his typical audience, Gal followers include many celebrities from all around the world.

Due to a vast number of fans following of Gal, many international magazines have approached him. He loved to do a photo shoot for them. Many companies also come to Gal to market their products. That is why his Instagram stories are often full of product advertisements.

Biggest Dream of Gal Stotland

Like many other new artists, Gal’s also wishes to become a singer. When asked Gal about his biggest dream, he said that he wants to release a song. He has started working on it. The song, he wrote himself. He is presently working with a major music producer of Israel to release his original single.

News is, another great singer is going to collab with him on this project. His fans are already excited about his song. To know more about his upcoming life, follow him on We wish good luck to Gal for all the journeys in his life!


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