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Funny T-Shirts to Buy for Your Funny Friends



T-Shirts to Buy for Your Funny Friends

Choosing a funny t-shirt or HGA t-shirts can make the perfect gift. Every group of friends has the funny one. If you did not immediately think of one of your friends, then chances are good that you are the funny one. This is the friend that is always trying to get everyone else to laugh and often has everyone laughing so hard that they can not breathe. They are also the one that is the most likely to embarrass you in public.

Buying Funny T-shirt The Person That Always Makes You Laugh The Perfect Gift

When it comes time to buy a gift for your funny friend that is always able to make you smile, choosing a  few funny t-shirts can make the perfect gift. Your friend will no doubt enjoy wearing their new shirts all the time. Any of these shirts would be a big hit with the comic relief in your life…

  • I’m Not Like Most Teens…I’m in My Forties

This funny t-shirt is sure to make more than a few people giggle. This could be a great gift for the funny guy in your group when they turn 40. Since we are all teenage boys deep down this shirt is always a hit.

  • Only Judy Can Judge Me

Many people will enjoy this shirt. Judge Judy has become a pop icon and everyone is aware of her sassy form of justice. This shirt will likely start many interesting conversations with strangers.

  • Bad Mo’ Pho

This shirt features a large bowl of Pho. This shirt is funny because if you pronounce Pho the way it looks it will get a giggle, but anyone who actually eats Pho will know that is not the correct way to pronounce it.

  • I’m Sure Drunk Me Had Their Reasons

Many people have had to deal with the after-effects of decisions that the drunk versions of their selves have made. This makes this shirt both hilarious and relatable.

  • I Like Pig Buts

This shirt features a picture of a pig. The fun play-on-words with the lyrics of a Sir Mix-A-Lot song will make everyone giggle. It will also make many people crave good BBQ.

  • Send Noods

This short features a large bowl of ramen noodles. This is a great play on words and will make many people snicker after reading this shirt. This shirt will make some people a little uncomfortable and get you some interesting looks.

  • Anti-Social Butterfly

This shirt is perfect for any introvert. It will also get a lot of giggles when you wear it because the shirt is very relatable.

  • Fries Before Guys

Who wouldn’t choose french fries over guys? This shirt features a picture of fries and will make all of your friends laugh. If you are looking for a shirt that everyone will enjoy this is a great choice.

  • I’d Tap That

This shirt features a golf green with a ball that is almost in the hole. The text will make everyone let out a little giggle. This shirt will always be a big hit with everyone.  It will be fun to explain the humor to completely clueless people.

The Perfect Shirt For The Friend With The Perfect Jokes

Now that you know all of these hilarious shirts exist, it is time for you to order several for yourself and a few for your funniest friend. You have to share these shirts with someone else that will truly appreciate them. These shirts’ puns are of the highest quality and they deserve to be worn by someone who will truly enjoy them. Go ahead and fill up your cart and get as many as possible headed to your home ASAP.

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