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Four Women Busted with 200 kilograms of High-Grade Marijuana




Four women have been arrested in southern Thailand and seized 200 kilograms of high-grade marijuana in Hat Yai district of Songkhla, on Thursday. Police also seized their two vehicles and four mobile phones.

Narcotics suppression officers alongside border police arrested the four women who were travelling in a pickup truck and a car. They were stopped by police for a search on Soi Bunnakan in tambon Kho Hong of Hat Yai.

Officials found 200 kilograms of high-grade marijuana worth approximately 10 million baht hidden in the pickup truck. The four suspects were identified as; Sawittri Sirisatipanya, 30; Wiphawan Phanlert, 33; Nuan-Anong Thanpirom, 37; and Nittaya Suksa-Ngiam, 37, all from Ratchaburi.

During questioning, the four women confessed to being hired by a broker for 160,000 baht to transport the marijuana from Saraburi province to Hat Yai district.

Police told drugs headed to Malaysia

They told police they picked up the drugs in Saraburi on Wednesday and arrived in Hat Yai the same day. They then drove to a shopping mall and waited for instructions from the broker.

The women said they were asked to drive to tambon Kho Hong in Hat Yai then someone would pick up the marijuana. The pot would then be transported to Thailand’s deep South, then to Malaysia.

The arresting police said the high-grade marijuana had been smuggled from Laos. The four women told police this was their first time transporting drugs. The four women have also been charged with having Category 5 drugs in their possession and intent to sell.

Meanwhile, Officials in Hat Yai also seized 470,000 meth pills found hidden on the roadside on Wednesday night. The drugs were found by a team of police around 7:30 pm.

The meth pills were in three fertilizer sacks concealed in dense grass, police said.

Police waited in ambush, but nobody showed up to collect the meth pills. Hat Yai police said the three sacks contained a total of 470,000 meth pills, worth approximately 14 million baht on the street.

Authorities were examining CCTV cameras along the road, hoping to learn who left the drugs there.

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