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Forty-Four Macaque Monkeys Saved from Chinese Dinner Tables




Police in Thailand’s eastern province of Sa Kaeo rescued 44 long-tailed macaques monkeys destined for dinner tables in China from wildlife smugglers.

Wildlife Conservation officers said they were tipped off that a wildlife smuggling ring was using the highway in Sa Kaeo as a route to smuggle macaques to Chinese restaurants that feature them as exotic dishes.

According to The Nation News, police officers at a roadside checkpoint waved down a suspicious Toyota pickup truck however the driver refused to stop and sped away. Police officers quickly chased the Toyota that crashed into a nearby traffic sign, the driver jumped out of the truck and fled into the forest.

On Toyota pickup truck’s flatbed officers reportedly found 45 macaque monkeys ageing from 2-month to one year old in 25 plastic cases. One of the macaque monkeys reportedly died from the impact of the crash.

Meanwhile, Wildlife officials and police officers are investigating the ownership of the Toyota truck and gathering other evidence to track down the wildlife smuggling gang.

Wildlife officials said the surviving 44 macaques will be sent to Wild Animal Rescue Center in Nakhon Nayok province.

Monkeys destined for China

In May of this year, Thailand’s Crime Suppression Police have rescued 88 macaques from Chinese dinner tables. Police intercepted a pickup truck and discovered the macaque monkeys.

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) investigators and police officers had no idea that their operation that day would end in such a dramatic fashion. They discovered 88 macaques monkeys barely alive in deteriorating condition in plastic cages, another 14 were tragically found dead.

Restaurants in China and some parts of Malaysia still eat monkey mean and the brain, despite the practise being illegal in both countries.

According to Wikipedia Monkey flesh and other edible parts of the monkeys, are considered also considered a kind of bushmeat. Human consumption of monkey meat has been historically recorded in numerous parts of the world, including multiple Asian and African nations.

Monkey meat consumption has also been reported in parts of Europe and South America as well

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