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Former US Marine Detained After PTSD Meltdown in Pattaya, Thailand

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A former US Marine has been detained after have a PTSD meltdown, causing a public nuisance at a condominium in Pattaya, Thailand. Police were called to the eighth floor of the condo to find the former US Marine in a state of distress.

According to one police officer he was talking incoherently and had torn up his room screaming and yelling. He allegedly said, he had many guns and weapons, however none were found.

Police managed to detain him without any injuries. He was taken to the Pattaya City Police Station for further evaluation. Its reported that the former US Marine has severe PTSD.

According to Pattaya police the Marine has been arrested twice before for his sporadic behavior. Once in an incident in front of the US Embassy in Bangkok and the other time in Pattaya at the Avenue shopping mall.

The US Marine was detained after leaving a “suspicious parcel” in front of the US Embassy in Bangkok. The parcel turned out to be harmless but spurred bomb fears. Police and bomb disposal experts were sent to the U.S. Embassy.

Former US Marine Served suffering from PTSD

The bomb disposal team cordoned off the area and examined the parcel. Inside they found a Thai boxing doll and three batteries wrapped in paper, and a bottle of water. No dangerous items were found inside the bag.

Police investigators found out it was left there by an American Lucas McCamy, 35. He was detained and taken for interrogation at a Bangkok police station.

Concerned with his state of mind, he was taken to Somdet Chaophraya Hospital for a psychiatric examination. Police said presently no charges had been pressed against him.

A relative in Woodlands California also told police McCamy served in Iraq.

McCamy had been injured by an explosion and later developed PTSD problems. According to his family he was on medication before travelling to Thailand.

Police confirmed the US Marine had spent time in recovery after the incident.

Former US Marine Detained by Police in Pattaya

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