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Foreigners Who Fight For Ukraine Will be Eligible For Citizenship

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited volunteers to help defend Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Some 3,000 US citizens have reportedly volunteered. And in early March, Ukrainian authorities announced they are setting up an international brigade. Zelensky has said that 16,000 foreign volunteers are coming to fight for Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian National News Agency, Ukrinform, Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister Yevhen Yenin informed reporters on Tuesday that foreign nationals who volunteer to fight for Ukraine will be eligible for Ukrainian citizenship.

In a statement released by Ukrainform, Yenin said, “Ukraine is forming an International Legion of Territorial Defense comprised of foreigners who want to join the resistance against the Russian aggressors and defend global security.”.

According to Lenin, the number of foreign volunteers is increasing all the time.

The contract will allow these people to get a military passport, and that will replace their residency permit, which will be replaced by a military passport. If they wish to become Ukrainian citizens in the future, our legislation provides a path for it,” he added, according to Ukrinform.

Some context: As of last Thursday, Ukraine’s President said the country had received the first of 16,000 foreign fighters who were making their way there to take part in the war against Russia. CNN was unable to confirm those numbers. Ukrainian embassies have helped recruit foreign fighters, some without any military training whatsoever.

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