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Following the Hip Hop Fashion Styles and Trends of 2020

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Following the Hip Hop Fashion Styles and Trends of 2020

If your following the hip-hop fashion styles and trends, you would know that this industry has changed considerably over the years. Every year brings about a fresh change. Rappers today look a whole lot different than they looked back in the 2000s or the 1990s when Biggie and Tupac were at the top.

Talking about clothing such as denim shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, funky glasses, and chains, they have emerged to be way bigger than they were back in the days. And now, the styles and fashion trends tend to change every year or so. Designers, in alliance with the rappers, are on their toes to take the existing hip hop fashion trends to the next level. Some brands and clothing lines, such as Lil Peep Merch and Juice World Merch are amongst the best ones when looking for the latest hip hop trends!

In this article, we will identify and explain the best hip hop fashion trends in 2020, and create awareness for you about hip hop fashion’s revival, and how the rappers of today’s day and age are bringing about a change every year.

Getting Familiar With The Best Hip Hop Fashion Trends In 2020!

Fitted Outfits

Back in the days, rappers used to wear loose attires. In fact, this was one of the unique characteristics of the most popular rappers. For instance, Dr. Dre was famous for rocking these loose-fitting outfits. In collaboration with TLC, dressed up in loose or oversized outfits ever witnessed in the history of the show.

This trend and style gradually faded away. In this day and age, the current generation is accustomed to wearing skinny jeans. Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, and Rocky all have influenced this change in the fashion trends of the hip hop industry.

In 2020, the close-fitted outfits and skinny jeans have gone to the next level, with the rapper outfits seeming almost glued to the skin – we recommend Juice World Merch and Lil Peep Merch as the top brands to get your hands on some of the most amazing close-fitting outfits.

Elevated Fashion Kicks

In the most recent times, the notion of Jordan shoes has slowly faded away. In the 1990s, the most famous rappers rocked the Jordans. Now in today’s day and age, the boots are more than just that. The best brands have moved on from them and transitioned to elevated or high fashion kicks.

In 2020, the kicks are more luxurious than ever before. They are customized to match the style of the rappers. Nike and Adidas have maintained their status as the pioneers of fashion kicks. However, some new brands like Juice World 999 store and Lil Peep Merch have emerged with some of the best fashion kicks you will ever see.

Funky Chains And Jewels

Back in the days, rappers used to rock wooden bead necklaces. Those days are long past us. Wooden beads have been replaced by gold chains. The rappers have happily swapped their bead necklaces for the more expressive gold chains. A gold chain, gold bling, or jewelry is probably a status symbol and points out the fact that a certain rapper is at the peak of his craft.

Currently, designers realize the importance of diamond chains and iced out jewels or watches to the development of hip-hop culture. With time, more jewels and chains that are jazzy, cool, flashy, and trendy, are available in the market. You can find a lot of jewelry stores out there, with a range of variety to choose from to match your budget and preferences.

Groovier Colour Schemes

In the past times, hip-hop culture was characterized by rappers flaunting and preferring loud, rocking, bright, and bold color schemes. It was probably a means of attention-seeking and caught the attention of the audience. Even in today’s time, the rappers follow and embrace this trend. So, what has changed then?

If you follow the rappers of the current generation and observe the latest trends in 2020, you will notice and realize that most of the rappers use even more funky and rhythmic color shades to attract the attention of the crowd. The color patterns have gone extra brighter and groovier, and even more prevalent than they used to be a year or two back.

Baseball Caps

In the past, bucket hats used to rock the hip hop fashion trend. Every rapper would flaunt their hats. In recent times, the baseball caps have certainly replaced them and become the new trend. Rappers like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Wiz Khalifa have been witnessed rocking some of the most amazing baseball caps. These rappers have influenced the crowd into wearing such caps as well.

In 2020, a variety of customized baseball or basketball caps have been introduced by several brands. They are bigger and brighter, besides giving a certain fashion statement to your overall look. Look no further than Lil Peep Merch and Juice World Merch if you are looking for the latest baseball caps.


Without a shadow of a doubt, sweatpants’ popularity is touching the sky in recent times. They have emerged as the most sought after fashion trend for rappers, and the general public as well. In the 2000s, people wore sweatpants only in their lounge or households, or when they were heading out to the gym. They were usually worn indoors for relaxing purposes. However, rappers such as Drake and Wiz Khalifa have made sweatpants popular outdoors as well. Rappers of today rock these during their performances or during vacations.

In 2020, we have seen a lot of comfortable and stylish sweatpants rolled out for the rappers and general audience to match with their persona. A lot of brands have come up with the most visually appealing and attractive sweatpants in the market.

What The Future Of Hip Hop Fashion Looks Like?

There is absolutely no doubt that hip hop fashion trends, like every year, will keep changing in the near future as well. With the ever-growing craze of hip hop fashion, we have explained some of the most innovative changes in the industry of hip hop fashion in 2020. Furthermore if you follow the hip hop fashion trends, we recommend you to try out Lil Peep Merch and Juice World Merch’s outstanding hip hop fashion collection!


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