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Flooding in Bangkok has left Thousands of Dogs Stranded

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One high area of Bangkok, called "dog island” by locals, has become home to more than 150 dogs


A Taiwanese animal rescue group on Thursday called on the Taiwanese public to help save animals that have become victims of the recent floods in Thailand, estimating that thousands of dogs and cats are suffering in Thailand’s worst flooding in half a century.

Stephanie Liu from the Taiwan Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Said:

“People have been focusing on the human death toll, the financial losses, and the investment losses of Taiwanese business people in Thailand, but the conditions of the animals have been overlooked,”

Liu states her organization is mobilizing support for the Soi Dog Foundation, the major organization responsible for the rescue mission in Thailand, by encouraging people to donate to the foundation, follow their updates on Facebook and to spread the word around.

The Soi Dog Foundation called the scale of the disaster “unimaginable,” saying that Bangkok has over 400,000 stray dogs but medical supplies, food and cages for the animals are dwindling. So far around 2,300 dogs and cats have been rescued and thousands more fed, said the foundation, adding that the worst hit areas are the areas north of the central Bangkok business district, where flood waters have reached up to two meters deep.

Volunteers and staff are working around the clock to save as many animals as possible and donations are urgently needed for cages, food, transportation, medicine, temporary shelters and veterinary help, the foundation said.

World Vets said an estimated 60,000 stray and abandoned dogs are avoiding flood waters by congregating on higher ground. One area, known to locals as “dog island” is home to more than 150 dogs with no access to food.

World vets has been working with local volunteers to rescue and move dogs to safer locations where they can be fed and treated by veterinarians, and so far their efforts have led to the rescue of more than 1,000 dogs. A second team of World Vets veterinarians will travel to Bangkok to continue the operation on Nov. 21, 2011.

To learn more about World Vets and how you can help, click here.

About The Soi Dog Foundation, clickhere.

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