Flextime: The New 2022 Trend That’s Here To Stay

Flextime: The New 2022 Trend that’s here to Stay



Traditionally, work has taken place from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday in the week. This has been the standard, even if it’s difficult to balance with your personal life. However, over 2022 a new trend has grown in popularity: flextime. Below, we explore what this trend is and why it’s popular across different businesses and employees.

What is it?

Flextime is a work setup where you’re given a set number of hours to work during a week or a month. However, rather than rigidly carrying out these hours in the office from 9 to 5 every day, you’re free to choose when the workday starts and ends, as long as you meet your set hours. There are plenty of variations across different companies with flextime, but ultimately the goal is the same: to provide greater freedom and comfort for the worker.

Benefits it brings to employees

Flextime can bring plenty of benefits to employees and employers. For a start, the freedom offered by flextime can make it easier to fit your job around your personal life. If you have a young family or regular medical appointments, the 9 to 5 will no longer obstruct your life – instead, you can choose the hours that work for you.

On top of this, it can boost motivation and productivity. This provides a boost to the whole business and incentivises everyone to push for flextime. The added motivation comes from the fact that employees feel more valued by the business – they’re more determined to repay the trust afforded by this benefit. What’s more, by allowing employees to work at their most productive times, you naturally boost overall productivity. As such, everyone benefits from this arrangement.

Flextime can also help employees save more money, especially if you decide to include flexible working location as an additional benefit. By commuting less, you can save a significant amount on transport costs over a year. Plus, if you have a young family, this can mean you save on expensive childcare costs. And this can help the business too. Many workers will see this perk as an attractive deciding factor when choosing a company to work for. This can help a business save on larger salaries or more difficult hiring processes.


Flextime has naturally become popular amongst employees since its emergence. Indeed, flexibility benefits are among the most sought-after according to a survey conducted by poster printing company, instantprint. 45 per cent of those surveyed said that a four-day working week or flextime would be valuable to them. Meanwhile, 32 per cent said they would value a job where there was a flexible working location. On top of this, respondents said that the most valuable workplace perk would be flexible working hours, with 45 per cent saying they would enjoy this benefit. And it’s clear that businesses could follow these wishes closer: 44 per cent of those surveyed said that the majority of their benefits do not fit their lifestyle or needs.

Flextime is clearly a popular and beneficial idea that you can introduce to your workplace. It can help boost productivity and morale while helping to make your working environment more inclusive. Ideally, you can start this process incrementally to see if it fits your business and your employees going forward.


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