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Fire Damaged a Condominium Unit in Bangkok’s Klong San district



Fire Damaged a Condominium Unit in Bangkok's Klong San district

(CTN News) – This afternoon, a fire destroyed a high-end condominium in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. In the Klong San neighborhood of Bangkok, an apartment on the 40th story of the 42-storey Saichol Mansion B was destroyed by fire.

Over 100 inhabitants were removed from the building by authorities, and firefighters battled the flames for nearly 15 minutes. Thankfully, there were no reported casualties.

According to the police, the condo unit’s bedroom suffered fire damage of 20 square meters, according to Nation Thailand. The fire destroyed a huge bed and other home objects.

A five-member Indian family leased the apartment, according to the police. Short circuits are thought to be to blame for the fire. Fortunately, nobody was inside the flat when the fire started. Later, police intended to interrogate the family.

Less than a week has passed since another fire broke out in Bangkok. A massive fire started on Sukhumvit Soi 3, not far from the traffic lights.

This year, there have been a few fires in the nation’s capital. A fire started earlier this month at Bangkok’s CentralWorld retail center.

A minor fire started in Groove, the mall’s semi-outdoor dining area. Shoppers forced to run through smoke-filled hallways were coughing.


Firefighters arrived on the scene promptly to put out the flames. No casualties have been reported so far, and the fire’s origin is unknown.

In September, a communication wire fire in Bangkok caused flames to fall like rain onto the road this morning. The jumble of incandescent wires leaked burning plastic onto the and onto a vehicle parked below.

In June, a horrific fire in Bangkok’s Chinatown claimed the lives of two individuals. According to reports, the man and lady who perished in the fire had burned unrecognizable corpses.

On the floor of a store, one corpse was discovered. After the fire was put out, the second corpse was found on the shop’s second level.

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