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Finland Lends a Helping Hand to Thailand’s Tech Sector

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Finland recently lent a helping hand to Thailand’s tech sector through an academic seminar called “[email protected]” It demonstrated how to develop technology and innovations using the Nordic method.
The seminar was organized by the Embassy of Finland, the Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, and Renesans Consulting.
It was very helpful in moving forward in biotechnology and big data collection… The director of the National Innovation Agency (NIA) director, Phanart Chairat said.
It also served as a case study on electronics and telecommunication innovations that can play a key role in developing Thailand. Reducing inequality and improving the environment.
Alf Rehn, Finnish professor, author and speaker, told participants that Finland has also invested 3 billion Euros in the innovation field. And that innovators must also be creative and not come up with shallow creations that have no benefit for society.
Innovations in the Nordic countries come from a combination of; hard and soft skills including trust; transparency and togetherness ;to help build up a culture that is conducive for creativity leading to innovation, Rehn added.

Finland spearheading a charge to make Thailand’s rubbish go round

Finland is also encouraging Thailand to adopt the model where resources are continually reused for the sustainable future of our planet. An economic model in which materials are used to make new products over and over again.

Kari Herlevi, the project director of the circular economy says goods are manufactured from raw materials. Then sold in large quantities, and eventually thrown away. In the face of these challenges, Finland has also unveiled the world’s first plan to adopt a circular economy, he said.

Mr. Herlevi has recently shared views and experiences with Thai experts in the circular economy.

He also encouraged Thailand to adopt the circular economy model to tackle environmental problems.

Finland is known for its waste-sorting. Some Finns have up to seven bins at home. Like them, Mr. Herlevi has made an effort to lead a circular life.

Source: The Nation

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