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Fears Mount after Girl Bitten by Venomous Spider in Krabi, Thailand

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Bitten , Venomous Spider, brown recluse spider, Thailand

Residents in southern Thailand have expressed concerns and fears after an eight-year-old girl was bitten by venomous spiders in Krabi province.  The Spider bite happened on July 13, leading to health complications.

Furthermore according to the Nation a previous case of spider bite had caused a person’s death in the area.

The eight-year-old girl mother said that after hearing of the previous spider bite fatality, she was very concerned for her daughter. The mother also said that the spiders might be more dangerous than people realized.

She said her daughter was bitten and soon after suffered from fever and nausea. She said her daughters condition continued to worsen so they rushed her to the local hospital.

Mother brought the spider to the hospital for identification

Bitten , Venomous Spider, brown recluse spider, Thailand

The mother also brought along the dead spider to the hospital, however nobody at the hospital could identify the spider.

They were sent home with medicines but on July 15, the girl’s case worsened; her wound became swollen and the mother had to again take her to hospital.

The mother has since asked responsible organisations for help to determine what type of spider it was that bit her daughter. The mother said there were several spiders in the area that looked like the one her daughter was bitten by.

Brown Recluse Spider Discovered in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Bitten , Venomous Spider, brown recluse spider, Thailand

In January of 2016, Doctoral student Narin Chompupang reported that the deadly brown recluse spiders had been found for the first time in Thailand in a cave in Kanchanaburi.

Mr Narin, a doctoral biology student, came across the spiders during a survey of a cave site. He was there working an royally sponsored Plant Genetic Conservation Project on Khao Wang Khamen mountain in Sai Yok district of Kanchanaburi province.

The recluse spider is brown, and about seven millimeters long. The spider’s toxic venom eats into any flesh it comes into contact with. lLeading to nasty and painful lesions that can take several months to heal.

It is regarded as among the most venomous spiders in the world. Its also found in many countries including Australia, China, many European nations, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and the United States.

He estimated there were about 500 recluse spiders in the colony in the unidentified cave.

Phrae Man Dies from bitten by venomous spiders Bite

shutterstock 1242319324In July of 2014 a man in northern Thailand’s Phrae province was bitten by a spider multiple times on his leg and foot while in bed. While his condition stabilized, he also suffered kidney failure and struggles to breathe.

Brown recluse spiders like to build webs in low areas, such as under chairs or tables. They are not native to Thailand and it is believed that they may have arrived with imported goods from the United States.

“This is the first official report of a brown recluse spider bite in Thailand,” Dr Thanjira Jiranantakan, a toxicologist at Siriraj Hospital who has analyzed the spiders collected from the man home.

She said that the mans bites were infected by bacteria, causing a blood infection and low platelet count. Also that the case is extreme since most bites do not cause such a strong reaction.


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