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Fake Doctor Arrested for Robbing Seniors in Northeastern Thailand



Fake Doctor Arrested for Robbing Seniors in Northeastern Thailand

A 49 year-old man has been arrested in northeastern Thailand for posing as a doctor from the health department then robbed seniors. 49 year-old Wanlachon Singthong 49-year-old was arrested on 9 April 2020.

The suspect targeted seniors in Kamalasai District, of Kalasin Province telling the victims that he was offering free disinfection services against the Covid-19 Coronavirus. When the seniors allowed him into their house, he took the opportunity to rob them and left without a trace.

The police also have evidence that includes the motorbike used in committing the robberies from the senior victims.

The suspect worked as a buyer of wood from old homes and claimed that the Covid-19 took away his method of income. Consequently due to this he decided to become a thief to find money. Police stated that he even offered free Covid-19 tests to the victims directly in their homes.

The Fake Doctor confronted by Seniors he robbed

fake doctor staels from seniors

Wanlachon went to re-enact one of the cases at Suntorn 75-year-old home, a senior victim. The suspect drove his motorbike with no license plate to her home on the 7th of April. The 75 year-old senior was home alone. She told police that while she went back into the house to a face mask the suspect stole 800 THB cash and road away.

The suspect then went to the home of 77-year-old Ms. Samai.. Wanlachon suggested for she to take a shower, but the suspect didn’t find any valuables in the home. Next, he went to the home of 71-year-old Ms. Thorn and also told her to go take a shower. He took this opportunity to search the home and managed to get away with 20,000 THB cash, a gold necklace, and her mobile phone.

Mr. Wanlachon was charged with petty theft, Impersonating a health official and also faces charges under the State of Emergency Decree.

Source: Thai Residents

Photo’s from Police Station of Fake Doctor and Seniors



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