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Estonia’s PM Kaja Kallas: “Putin Must Not Win This War”



Estonia's PM Kaja Kallas: "Putin Must Not Win This War"

Kaja Kallas, Estonia’s prime minister, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday that Russia’s actions in Ukraine are “heartbreaking.”Our goal is to support and assist Ukraine in combating this war in every way we can. Kaja Kallas said on “State of the Union” that Putin should not win this war.

Kaja Kallas Says ‘NATO’ should focus on smart containment to end the war

According to Kaja Kallas, NATO should use “smart containment” to end the war, which means NATO should change from a “deterrence posture” to a “defense posture,” in which each nation’s defense is strengthened and eventually NATO as a whole is strengthened by cooperation between nations.

There are certain capabilities that are too expensive for any individual state, but if we do them together here in Europe to protect our territory, we are stronger,” she asserted, nations should take all measures to isolate Russia “at all political levels that are possible.”.

On being asked about Poland’s proposal to send peacekeepers to Ukraine, Kaja Kallas responded that first, peace must be achieved and that Russia is not showing any signs of wanting this to happen.

It is true that we can only have a peacekeeping mission if there is peace. However, if you look at what is going on in Ukraine, you will find that there is no peace there. Russia doesn’t seem to be serious about achieving peace in this war. “First we must have peace, then we will be able to keep it,” she said. To achieve peace, we must sometimes be willing to use military force.

Kaja Kallas said that he does not see a possibility of a third World War in Europe and that the effort should be put into ending the war.

Karlas also compared the deportations in Mariupol to what Russia did in the 1940s when Estonians were placed in “cattle cars” and sent to Siberia.

Putin is contributing to the right-wing narrative in Europe and the US by creating a refugee crisis, she said.

“He is creating this huge migration pressure to Europe,” she said. “We see the Far Right now picking up the tone and not helping refugees from Ukraine.”

“Russia is the enemy, not the refugees,” Kaja Kallas said.

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