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Essential Tips for Achieving the Perfect Video Conference

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Video Conference: The use of video conferencing has experienced record growth in recent months. Few may be surprised considering the changes that COVID-19 has caused with an explosive increase in teleworking, studying at home or the need for virtual communication with family and friends.

You turn on the laptop, click on the app and launch the webcam. You might need to use a special app to share screen on iPhone, android and desktop. It may seem simple, but the ease of technology to connect us all can make you forget about the little things we should and should not do.

Especially if you have the boss of the company on the other end of the line, the tutor from the university or if you have a video conference to apply for a job.

A few months ago we published a special with the best free video conferencing applications to make confinement more bearable and today we are going to complete it with a series of tips for its effective implementation.

Tips for the perfect video conference

Attention to clothing:

Think of the video conference as an in-person meeting and follow the correct habits. You can’t be in underpants, panties or in a ball from the stomach down. The webcam can slide an inch down and what happens happens…

Take care of your toilet before sitting down to the meeting. If you have your mother on the other side there is no problem; mothers forgive everything. But you can see some pints… Imagine that you want to flirt with the girl of your dreams.

For more serious topics, project a professional face (even if it costs you) as it adds a sense of normalcy to a remote conversation.

Wear comfortable but “presentable” clothes and avoid colors that are too bright or too dark. Adjust the exposure and brightness of the webcam well so that you look your best.

Look at the camera with a good posture. And preferably at a desk, not lying on the couch.

Fix your environment:

Clean the room and the desk. There are environments that are terrifying…

Check the background that will be visible behind you and make sure there is nothing inappropriate. A target with the face of the boss, for example. Or worse things.

Choose a secluded space, preferably with a door, so you can hold the meeting without distractions.

In this regard, silence your mobile phone to avoid interruptions.

Inform the family of the time of the meeting. You are working. Or taking a virtual exam.

If you have young children, make sure they stay busy for the duration of the video conference.

Keep your pets away from the gathering area.

Choose a virtual background in apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom to hide cluttered backgrounds.

Have water and tea/coffee handy in case the video conference runs long.

Set up your team

Choose a comfortable chair to sit on.

In professional meetings use a monitor that allows you to easily view slides and spreadsheets. The screen of a smartphone can be used for informal meeting but.

Invest in a good noise canceling headphone.

Learn to handle with ease the chat application that you are going to use. Some are very simple, but others that bring productivity or collaboration are more complex.

Pay special attention to the settings you may need during the meeting.

Avoid backlighting as it can darken your face. Natural light or ceiling lights are ideal.

Nothing is as important in video conferencing as good bandwidth. Anything less than 20 Mbps can pixelate the video.

If the meeting is critical, have an alternate connection ready. For example, you can set up a separate Wi-Fi hotspot with smartphone data.

Close unnecessary background apps and programs that use a lot of bandwidth.

Turn off notifications for the course of the meeting.

Test your equipment with someone you trust before the actual meeting.

Try the webcam. The background, the frame that will be seen and the effect of light indoors.

Position your webcam at eye level so you can make eye contact with other people in the meeting.

If you plan to share your screen, make sure to keep your personal data away. Or inappropriate content.

So…are you now ready to run video conferencing?


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