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Elon Musk Criticizes GoFundMe for the Freedom Trucker Fundraiser Controversy




Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, on Saturday, took issue with GoFundMe’s ‘double standards,’ after it canceled the Freedom Convoy fundraiser. He criticized GoFundMe for its hypocritical support of the Black Lives Matter protests on Capitol Hill in Seattle. After truckers raised $10 million Canadian dollars ($8 million USD or Rs 58 crore) to protest Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates, SpaceX’s CEO attacked the crowdfunding platform.

Following that, the platform blocked the fundraiser, saying that it violated its terms of service, which prohibit violence and harassment.

According to several reports, GoFundme seized $10 million CAD and stated that it would donate it to “credible and established charities.”. The “Double Standard?” Musk tweeted as he shared a screenshot of a tweet from GoFundMe from 2020 during Seattle’s riots.

While George Floyd protesters declared an autonomous zone in the city’s Capitol Hill in June, and reports emerged of violence and property damage while Black lives matter protesters clashed with police, donations were raised on the platform. A GoFundMe fundraiser related to the BLM had been permitted at the time and no terms and conditions had been breached.

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The peaceful demonstration became an occupation’: GoFundMe

A GoFundMe statement released Friday stated: “We support peaceful protests, and we believe this was the intention of the Freedom Convoy fundraiser when it was first created. The previously peaceful demonstration has now become an occupation, with reports of violence and other unlawful activity from law enforcement.” Reports suggest that Trudeau or his government may have lobbied the crowdsourcing company.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slammed the “Freedom Convoy” trucking protest against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate at a conference earlier this year as spewing “hateful rhetoric.”. In the past, Trudeau has attended protests and rallies and even agreed with their goals and demands. Meanwhile, he criticized truckers’ protests as a result of “hateful rhetoric, violence, and disrespect”. Canada knows where I stand, he said. Leaders must carefully consider where they stand and with whom they stand,” the Canadian PM said.

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