3.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes In Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand


3.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand



(CTN News) – At 1:03 a.m. on Wednesday (September 14), the Meteorological Department has reported that an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.6 occurred in Mae Kha Subdistrict, Fang District, Chiang Mai Province, 4 kilometers underground.

Several residents of Fang District and nearby districts, such as Chai Prakan District, reported hearing thunderous sounds. In a few seconds, the houses began to tremble. 

This tremor was also felt by people living in Mueang Chiang Mai a hundred kilometers to the south of Mueang Chiang Mai as well.

There are several fault lines located in the northern part of Thailand. In other words, earthquakes are more frequent in this region than in other parts of the country, as a result. In most cases, the earthquake is small and there is little damage as a result.

The tremors were often so severe that losses occurred. As an example, more than 100 people were injured and one person died in Chiang Rai Province on May 5, 2014, when a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck Dong Mada Subdistrict, Mae Lao District.

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