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Dreamcast Transforming the Event Industry With Virtual Events

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Dreamcast Transforming the Event Industry With Virtual Events

It’s no enigma that the event industry is developing. With the adoption of digital tools and modern technologies, events are being organized using virtual events. Transferring the intentions of a physical or on-site event into virtual events has undeniably been challenging both technically and financially.

Before digital advancements took place in event technology, event planning used to be a completely manual process. Right from preparing the attendee list manually to event promotions through means such as print or a direct mail. But, with the introduction of virtual event technology, organizers can not just host virtual events but can also make them lucrative and remarkable affairs.

Today, event planners have a wide spectrum of virtual event technology options to choose from. To understand better, let’s deep dive into the insights of Dreamcast, one of the top leading virtual event platforms.

When we talk about hosting a virtual event, we all understand that it’s quite different from holding an on-site event. But the next question that emerges is, what are the basics of a perfect virtual event set-up. Let’s go step by step:

Dreamcast has some stunning welcome features to make their attendees feel great and promote engagement throughout the event.

3D Environment:

From creating an immersive walkway through the lobby to animated light, Dreamcast intends to leave an impactful impression on the attendees.

Easy Navigation:

Dreamcast has a virtual environment that appears like a real event venue, making it simple and convenient for the attendees to navigate.

Interactive Exhibition Booths:

With an aim to replicate the experience of a physical event, we design virtual booths powered with exciting content and visuals that showcase videos, images, presentations, job listings, and many more.

Customizable Interface:

We understand that every business has its own requirement set. Abiding by the same, Dreamcast makes sure to design a virtual venue that is based on your business needs. Being a 100% customizable platform, we have promising and innovative features to cater to the needs of your virtual event. Virtual trade shows are a norm today so consult GSE AV for tips on your AV setup.

The list does not end here; With the rise in virtual events, we understand that this is the new means for businesses to engage with attendees. So, let’s check out the features that Dreamcast incorporates to make networking one of its priorities.

  • Networking Tables: This is perhaps the most interesting feature to build new connections and start meaningful interactions. Networking Tables allow both 1:1/group discussions through chat/audio/video features, which strongly replicate the experiences of a physical event.
  • AI Matchmaking Tool: This empowers sponsors & attendees to get connected with other attendees who share the same interests. This promotes stronger connections and increases the chances of obtaining qualified leads.
  • Engagement Tools: For virtual events, the most important thing is to prevent attendee drop off. Hence, to avoid this, the foremost step required is to promote engagement and active participation through live polls, surveys, breakout sessions, quizzes, etc.
  • DIY Booth Builder: Sounds interesting? Yes, it is indeed! Dreamcast provides an entire ‘Do It Yourself’ Booth Module. The exhibitors are permitted to modify several banners, icons, pictures, symbols, video recordings, etc. Make it yourself and the way you prefer it.
  • Gamification: Dreamcast owns a collection of 100+ games that can pull the attention of the audience. This lets you keep the participants engaged on the virtual event platform for a longer span. You can pick from games such as temple run, word games, crossword, spin the wheel, tic-tac-toe, and a lot more.
  • B2B Meetings Scheduler: This is to facilitate 2-way interactions seamlessly. This feature lets you schedule a meeting at your convenient time even after the virtual event is over.
  • Whatsapp and Zoom Meeting Integration: Dreamcast virtual event platform allows external combinations to facilitate seamless communication. These combinations include platforms like Whatsapp Integration or some Meeting Platform Integration like Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Now that you are familiar with our networking tools, let’s get into a picture that might include any unexpected or unforeseen error.

24/7 tech and customer support

As the name suggests “unexpected”, we understand that errors are not planned but nothing to worry about, Dreamcast being an all-in-one platform has an excellent team and is always backed by 24/7 tech and customer support to troubleshoot any sort of issue on an urgent basis.

If you have come this far, you must have understood that Dreamcast has a robust structure in not just organizing an event but also in providing meaningful analytics post the virtual event.

As a promising virtual event platform, Dreamcast stands by your side till the completion of the event to ensure smooth functioning with zero hindrances.

ROI effects

Right from tracking the number of attendees who enrolled, who attended the event, which segments were the hotspots of the event, which section did not get much recognition, to the participation of attendees in various sessions, we maintain a record of everything.

This record lets you estimate the success of your virtual event and also gives you insights into the significant improvements that need to be implemented for forthcoming events.

Most Secure and Trusted Platform

We abide by the usual protocols of data privacy and safety. We provide a summary of platforms’ data assent functionality to the event planners and attendees right at the beginning

Our virtual event platform runs on an SSL Secure connection to assure that the virtual event runs on a reliable virtual venue, right from the entry to the virtual event via methods like Password-protected login, Enhanced security through Captcha, 2-Factor Authentication, etc to a restricted entry for a selective database to ensure that the event is attended only by the desired people.

Performing a dry-run

If you feel you’re ready with all the necessary features that were required, hold on, there’s one thing you should not miss out – performing a dry-run before the main day! Make sure to check all the equipment and its configurations to avoid crashing of the systems.

Future of virtual events

Talking about the future and scope of virtual events – they are here to stay, even after everything gets normalized. Another aspect of the event industry that’s booming is hybrid events. Hybrid events include both online and on-site attendees. Embracing hybrid events is the key to succeed in the event industry in the near future. Integrating virtual components in the physical events helps in increasing attendance, encouraging engagements, and expanding your global reach.

Planning to host a virtual or hybrid event? Get in touch with Dreamcast or book a demo today!

Author Bio:- Scarlett Watson is professional writer and blogger. She researches and writes about innovation, Hybrid events technology, virtual events Platform, and the latest digital marketing trends.

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