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Dollar Strength Is Expected To Reflect Global Inflation Data

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(CTN News) – The dollar was headed for its first monthly loss of the year on Monday, despite its unchanged value.

This occurred because, in assessing the global interest rate projection, investors focused on inflation data from the US, Europe, and Japan.

The search term “carry” has dominated foreign exchange transactions during the last several months. This has resulted in the dollar strengthening and low-yielding currencies being penalized. Meanwhile, the highly erratic data coming out of the US has made policymakers lose faith in the state of affairs with regard to interest rates going forward.

Many famous couples have continued to live close to one another as a result. The euro was trading at $1.0845, in the middle of a range it has been in for more than a year. The euro had gained 0.9% against the dollar the previous week.

German business confidence fell in May, according to a survey that was made public on Monday, defying expectations that it would rise. The study showed that German businesses’ confidence had declined, but the euro showed no reaction to this news.

US Dollar and UK holidays caused less trade on Monday.

In order to confirm a European rate drop that traders have scheduled for the upcoming week, close attention will be paid to the measurements for the euro zone that are scheduled for announcement on Friday and the statistics on German inflation that are scheduled for release on Wednesday. On Wednesday, these two readings will be made public.

The European Central Bank’s chief economist, Philip Lane, stated on Monday that the rate at which interest rates decline will rely on the degree of inflation that sustains the economy. This is what Lane said.

At $1.2745, the value of sterling was testing the upper end of a range that it had stuck to for the entire year.

The core personal consumption expenditures price index in the United States, the Federal Reserve’s preferred measure of inflation, is expected to stay at its current level from tomorrow to the next month. Given that the index represents consumer expenditures, this is the case.

The dollar has declined once more because the data indicated that consumer prices increased slowed in April; if this trend persists, the dollar may decline even more. Nonetheless, the overall picture shows that inflation and inflation indicators are still higher than the 2% inflation objective set by the Federal Reserve. In the US, specifically, this is the case.

US dollar index, which compares the dollar to six other currencies,

This index was somewhat weaker at its most recent level of 104.72 than it had been at its previous level. It is predicted to drop by 1.5% in May, marking the worst monthly fall since December.

According to Christ Weston, a Pepperstone strategist, “the prospect of a 25 basis point reduction in the U.S. interest rate by September is priced as a 50/50 proposition, with a total of 57 basis points of cuts priced by December after that. That means a major surprise would be needed to change that pricing.”

It might be able to complete the job if the US core PCE is more than 3%, and that would be sufficient to move the dollar in the right direction. However, he added that a number less than 2.7% would result in a generalized feeling of relief across the markets.

Throughout this time, investors have been selling low-yield currencies against the euro and the dollar in an attempt to generate revenue, such as the yen, yuan, and Swiss franc. This is true even if there is still a great deal of uncertainty around interest rates.

Because of what is thought to have been intervention by Japanese authorities at the end of April and the beginning of May, it is likely that the yen will see its first monthly gain of the year this month; nevertheless, the yen has been declining since that time. This is in spite of the possibility that this month will see the yen record its first monthly rise of the year.


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