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Doctor, Woman Jailed for Murdering Fellow Doctor in Love Triangle

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The Bangkok Criminal Court has sentenced a doctor and his female accomplice to 10 years in jail each for the murder of another doctor. The pair threw a 28-year-old doctor from a four-story apartment building in Bangkok in 2010.

Thursday, the Bangkok Criminal Court clerk read out the judgement in the case against Dr Pramote Manmuang and Ms Jitwimol Suksuwan. Both of whom were charged with collusion in first-degree murder.

Dr Pramote was the first defendant in the case and Ms Jitwimol was the second defendant in the murder case.

On April 18, 2010, the Criminal Court ruled that the two defendants were guilty of throwing Dr Sarut Thaweerujjana, a pathologist at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital who was 28 at the time, from the fourth floor of an apartment building in Lat Phrao area of Bangkok.

Dr Sarut Thaweerujjan, 28 landed on the concrete surface 9.7 metres below and died on impact.

Doctor in an alleged love triangle

The court found that the two defendants were guilty of murder based on testimony and forensic evidence. The court ruled that suicide was not an option. No details were given about the motive. However, the court mentioned a love triangle.

Both defendants were originally sentenced to 15 years in prison, but the court commuted their sentences by one third to 10 years each because they gave “useful testimony.”

Additionally, the court ordered the defendants to jointly pay 5 million baht to the victim’s mother, plus 7.5% interest annually.

Thai media reported that Dr Sart’s mother and other family members were at the courtroom to hear the verdict.

Later outside the Criminal Court, the murdered doctors mother said she was satisfied with the ruling and believed that justice had been served. Despite what was claimed, her son didn’t commit suicide but was murdered.

A variety of police investigators had handled the case even though the murder took place a very long time ago. The Indictment was only filed last year and the case was accepted on July 15 by the court. Hearings were accelerated to be completed within one year.

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