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Devastating Flooding in Pattaya as Rainy Season Starts, Causing Widespread Chaos and Damage



Devastating Flooding in Pattaya as Rainy Season Starts, Causing Widespread Chaos and Damage

(CTN News) – Thailand’s Meteorological Department says the rainy season officially started on May 22. A deluge brought widespread flooding to many areas in Pattaya the next day; for once, their forecast was accurate.

Severe Flooding Hits Sukhumvit Road, South Pattaya Road, and More

Areas in Bang Lamung District prone to repeated inundation during severe and protracted rains experienced widespread flooding. Strong winds and heavy rain continued for over an hour, causing a rapid water buildup.

The worst-affected areas include Sukhumvit Road, South Pattaya Road, the corner of Paniadchang and Moom Aroi on Third Road, and the road between Khaotalo and Wat Thamsamakkhee.

Some low-lying locations may see water levels surge by more than a meter. The rising water level is a major concern for locals who have already dealt with the difficulties brought on by the persistent rain.

Soi Buakhao, South Pattaya Road, and Third Road commerce have all suffered due to the water. Rising water levels are a persistent hazard for motorists and motorcyclists, who frequently have to deal with challenges and repairs to their vehicles.

Pattaya City Administration Takes Swift Action to Alleviate Flooding

The city government of Pattaya acted quickly, erecting massive steel barricades and setting out warning signals to prevent the passage of passenger cars. Within an hour of the storm’s end, traffic could resume normally at the Moom Aroi crossroads on Pattaya Third Road.

The city fathers seem to have a monumental task ahead of them in trying to reduce the effects of the flooding and get things back to normal now that the monsoon season has arrived.

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