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Design Philosophy and the Tasteful Whisper of a White Silk Scrunchie

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Design Philosophy and the Tasteful Whisper of a White Silk Scrunchie

Whenever I think of my wardrobe, I can’t help but think that there is something that I overlooked. For years I have always focused my attention on my skirts, that some should be light and casual. My blouses and my jumpers should be soft, fashionable, with some being a subtle and neutral colour. But there is something that always skips my mind and that is what my scrunchie should be. Let’s be honest girls, the scrunchie is something we tend to overlook.

Why is that the case? Because we’re always focusing our attention on our wardrobe at large. We overlooked that fashion accessory that could be the most tasteful yet understated item of our whole wardrobe. That tasteful item by Golden hour comes in the form of silk and in the form of white.

DIYA’s Design Philosophy

The Company Golden Hour is guided by a design philosophy that focuses on scrunchies that are tastefully designed. Silk has long been a fabric that has been reserved for the most sophisticated items in our wardrobe. The attitude that designer DIYA has is that the scrunchie can be part of it.

Whilst there are an array of scrunchies that call out to us, the one accessory that I think deserves a special mention is their White Scrunchie

The Scrunchie Itself

Their White silk scrunchie is an item that could not be more useful and inexpendable in your wardrobe. White is the ‘go to’ colour for many different reasons. The most important reason is that it’s neutral. White is a colour that will compliment the colour scheme of any outfit that you are wearing. You will not have to worry about accessorizing, about whether or not blue goes with black.

The white scrunchie is an uncomplicated companion. But it’s still sophisticated.

The silk is what gives the item its allure. When it comes to it, the scrunchie is no longer the casual item in a wardrobe. It’s not something that you only grab when you’re running out of the house. There’s more to it when it’s made out of silk. It can be worn at a wedding. It can be worn at your wedding. Silk will compliment any bridal gown. In fact that is why the designers have referred to the colour as ‘white Ivory’. White Ivory is the colour of your special day.

There are other things to bear in mind as well. The White scrunchie has been designed to protect, to repair and to smooth. Silk will be kind to your hair and if you need to tie it in a specific way. It will do just that. It will keep your hair from tangling.

It is also well made. The scrunchie will endure and will last you a long time. Under the fabric is a strong elastic, and is not noticeable. The ruffles of the white silk conceal the strong dynamic underneath.

OK! So you’ve been persuaded about the desirability of this item. Fashion houses like Burberry and Prada have been making this accessory as well. However, the difference between them and Golden Hour is that Golden Hour wants this Scrunchie to be available to everyone and not just the super rich.

Great on Price

The White Silk scrunchie currently retails at £10.00 for a set of two. It is their vision that an item as tasteful as this is an item that should compliment anyone’s wardrobe without the constraint of it being unaffordable.

An additional benefit as well is that a pair of two helps you through one particular crisis that we’re all aware of. Yes, the crisis of misplacing it. I have mislaid so many scrunchies over the years that sometimes I found, and sometimes I didn’t. You may have left it in the hotel in Marbella and only realized it when you got back to London.

That is why a pack of two means that you will always have a spare. There is nothing more reassuring than that. To spend £80 on a scrunchie that then goes missing is not fun for anyone. That is why this purchase is a smart purchase.

If you’re looking to give this as a gift for your friend, as you think that they would appreciate the marriage of silk and scrunchie, then that is a possibility. The scrunchie set comes beautifully packaged as well.


It goes without saying that this new and bold fashion accessory is worth your attention. White provides the neutrality and Silk provides the luxury. By merging the two, Golden Hour is making a bold and daring fashion statement. That statement is only a whisper but the whisper is to have it.

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