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Daylight Saving Time: What To Do



Daylight Saving Time: What To Do

(CTN News) – Sunday marked the start of daylight saving time this year for most Americans.

It has been a regular occurrence since World War I to change the clocks semiannually. Nevertheless, a movement is growing to end it.

Daylight-saving time was passed by the Senate last March, but not by the House.

Sen. Marco Rubio has reintroduced a bill that will improve the quality of evening lights.

What time is daylight-saving time?

On Sunday, March 12, day light-saving time began. In the U.S., day light-saving time lasts for 34 weeks.

The schedules for day light-saving time vary in 70 countries.

When is daylight saving time?

Smartphones and computers should change the time for you. On Saturday evening, some choose to set their watches and kitchen appliances’ clocks forward so they can wake up to the new time.

Daylight-saving time: why was it created?

Energy savings are one of the main arguments. As a result, supporters say, we require less artificial lighting and electricity. Changes in time may save energy, but some studies disagree.

How did daylight-saving time come about?

Benjamin Franklin popularized day light saving. He woke up in Paris one morning to find light outside. Candles could be saved if everyone woke up early and fell asleep earlier.

Daylight-saving time was first proposed by New Zealand entomologist George Vernon Hudson.

Do all U.S. cities observe daylight-saving time?

American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands don’t. Year-round, they observe standard time.

Is daylight-saving time being eliminated? 

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 29 states have introduced legislation between 2015 and 2019. It is possible for states to remain on standard time throughout the year, but they cannot switch to daylight saving time.

Congress is considering a bill to make day light-saving time permanent again this year. AASM supports ending the semiannual time change. Standard time is recommended instead of day light saving time.

Sunlight is the most powerful external cue for the human circadian rhythm, which is why standard time is synchronized with the sun’s position,” the group said. Biological functions such as alertness, sleepiness, and others are controlled by this internal clock.”

Internationally, what’s going on?

Russia, Iran, and Turkey have ditched daylight-saving time. The U.S. is in the majority of countries that follow daylight saving. Earlier this year, Mexican lawmakers passed legislation ending the practice. Areas along the U.S.-Mexico border will continue with the time change this month.

“This new law seeks to ensure health and safety in the mornings, increase productivity, and save electricity,” Mexico’s Senate said on Twitter.

DST: What would happen if we stopped it?

Health experts say if the U.S. stops the clock it should be on standard time, which aligns closer to the sun.

Recent studies link the time shift to sleep disruptions and heart attacks. Sleeping later also means less sleep, according to doctors. With the sun setting later and socializing ending later, springing forward makes it harder to fall asleep earlier.


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