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Covid-19 Cases and Related Death Rapidly Declining in Thailand



Covid-19 Cases and Related Death Rapidly Declining in Thailand

Thailand’s health officials reported 2,616 new Covid-19 cases and 40 linked deaths over the last 7 days. Health officials said merrit-makers to take precautions when participating in festivities during Kathin Festival.

Health officials said this was especially important when near those in the “608 groups,” who were the most vulnerable.

The 608 group includes people over 60, newborns, pregnant women, and those suffering from chronic disease conditions.

The Department of Disease Control reported that 2,616 Covid-19 infection cases were hospitalized for treatment during the week of October 16-22, an average of 373 Covid-19 per day, compared to 2,234, an average of 319, the previous week.

There were only 40 coronavirus-related deaths, or approximately five per day, compared to 53 the previous week, or about seven per day. From January 1 to the present, there have been 11,224 Covid-19 related deaths.

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As of October 22, persons have received 142,838,676 doses of Covid-19 vaccine, including 57,029,784 first shots, 53,522,364 second shots, and 32,286,527 boosters.

Health officials report the Covid-19 situation is steadily improving, with fewer new infections.

Reports of the XBB sub-variant of Covid-19 spreading in Singapore, Hong Kong, and some European countries prompted the Ministry of Public Health to continue emphasizing the importance of vaccinations to build immunity and reduce severe illnesses and deaths.

The ministry of health is concerned about the large crowds during the Kathin festivities in October and November.

She said that people, particularly those in the 608 groups, were encouraged to adhere rigorously to disease preventive measures, such as wearing masks in enclosed locations with inadequate ventilation.

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Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has launched a campaign to provide at least 2 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine prior the end of this year, especially to vulnerable groups.

The Public Health Ministry has instructed health workers to identify vulnerable groups, which include the elderly, pregnant women, and those suffering from diabetes or obesity.

Health volunteers have also been encouraged to have at least one booster shot to set an example for vulnerable groups.

Despite domestic Covid-19 caseloads remaining low for some time, the XBB sub-variant of Covid-19 has been detected in Singapore, Hong Kong, and some countries in Europe.

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry is therefore continuing with its policy of providing vaccines in a bid to boost their immunity and prevent hospitalization and death.

With the country staging religious events to observe Kathin, the monk robe-presentation ceremony, to mark the end of the Buddhist Lent nationwide, people are expected to gather in large groups to make merit, raising the danger of a mass transmission.

Merit makers are being told to wear face masks in poorly ventilated public environments, wash their hands and use hand sanitizer liquid often.

Anyone at risk of contracting the virus should use antigen test kits to test themselves.

Thailand to End Remaining Covid-19 Rules on Face Masks

Thailand to End Remaining Covid-19 Rules on Face Masks


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