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Chvker Introduces Whimsical Enchanted Gold Butterfly Necklace

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Chvker Introduces Whimsical Enchanted Gold Butterfly Necklace

Necklaces are part of both male and female dressing portraying a theme, message, or augmenting dressing. Chvker jewelry store pronounced Choker, female-owned, spearheaded through the works of Nazlia Yunus in 2014. This store is the producer of the enchanted butterfly necklace.

The Butterfly Necklace

This necklace, christened Whimsical Gold Butterfly Necklace since it has an enchanting look that gives an impression of having been plucked right out of fiction or myth. The necklace’s captivating butterfly pendant is hanging fancifully from the store’s precise rope chain. The rope chain is unique in design in that it augments the necklace and adds magic to the user’s daily look. This Chvker butterfly jewelry pairs and blends well a baby doll dress adorned in white sneakers.

Necklace Material and Size

This necklace is a gold-plated passed over brass with an assurance of being free of nickel and lead. The necklet requires proper care that includes keeping away from moisture and water to preserve its shine. The jewelry is lighter in weight and small in size with a length of sixteen inches and an extension of 4 inches. This size is ideal for hanging in the neck without feeling any weight, pressure, or elongation beyond recommended body size. Though the predominant material in making this butterfly necklace by Chvker Jewelry is gold, there is room to request for a material change to silver. While at the website, a client can make this request by clicking a section under the necklace’s name indicated as “Put in a request.”

Production and Processing

The processing of the necklace takes one to four days for non-custom orders. However, the production may take longer due to delays emanating from holidays and sales promotion events.


The shipping of this butterfly necklace happens on two fronts, domestic and international shipping. Every shipping front comes with different rates, offers, delivery timelines, and terms and conditions.

Domestic Shipping

Three to five-day delivery orders incur a flat rate of $2.95 for purchases of $50 and below. Orders of $50 and above have free shipping taking three to five days. Other orders incur a flat rate of $12 for delivery in two to three days.

International Shipping

The calculation of rates of this shipping is at package checkout. The client bears the responsibility for any applicable taxes, customs fees, or duties.

Care and Maintenance

This jewelry requires utmost care, both in use and storage. The necklace must not come in contact with moisture or water to keep its shine. This butterfly necklace by Chvker Jewelry requires the application of perfumes, lotions, and sprays before putting it on. In exercising or sleeping, the jewelry should be at a safe distance. The precaution is for the avoidance of injuries and getting the pendant wet. The constant dry state of the necklace prolongs its color and shine. The use of a soft cloth is advisable to get rid of any residue on the pendant.

About the Store

The business is a Houston based jewelry store that is a penchant for celebrities owing to its sublime products that blend their tastes for dressing and fashion. The store covers the production and supply of varied jewelry coming in different styles, designs, sizes, and colors. Butterfly and other style jewelries are available on the company’s website at


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