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Chocobo GP is a Great Kart Racer Suffocated by the DLC and Season’s Crap

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Chocobo GP: I’ve been waiting for a new Chocobo Racing spin-off for years, but I’m forced to abandon what would have been an otherwise great game by greedy mobile-style monetization.

As a confirmed Final Fantasy fan, I’ve always had a thing for Chocobo Racing, the PS1 kart racer that’s basically a mash-up of the series. The announcement of a Chocobo Racing revival for Nintendo 3DS never materialized so I was ecstatic when Square Enix announced Chocobo GP, a new Final Fantasy racing game for the Switch. But after only a few days of play, I’m done. It’s over.

A Few thoughts About Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP is one of the best kart racers. Absolutely. Though it isn’t Mario Kart, I’d definitely include Sega & Sonic All-Stars Racing and Crash Nitro Kart in that top tier of kart racers. Why is this game a mobile game, though, for some reason?

Chocobo GP is a Great Kart Racer
Chocobo GP is a Great Kart Racer

Let me be clear. Chocobo GP is a relatively pricey game. Despite the ‘budget’ price of $50/£40, I consider that to be a full game. Is it because it immediately gives me a chance to buy Mythril for real money, an in-game currency? When you boot up the game, it feels like one of Square Enix’s gacha-driven mobile games like FF Brave Exvius and Record Keeper, right down to the time limits on how long you can hold currencies and access bonuses.

Sometimes, fans are locked out of stuff they will really want. Both FF7’s Cloud Strife and FF8’s Squall Leonhart – beloved protagonists – are only playable in their chibi forms if you buy the game’s Season Pass, which costs 800 Mythril, or just over $10.

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