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Chinese Military Has Become Aggressive And Dangerous, U.S. Military Officer Warns

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Chinese Military Has Become Aggressive And Dangerous, U.S. Military Officer Warns

(CTN News) – In the past five years, the Chinese military has become increasingly dangerous and aggressive.

The number of intercepts by Chinese aircraft and ships in the Pacific region on US and other partner forces has increased significantly over that period, according to Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Mark Milley.

According to him, unsafe interactions have also increased.

“The message is that the Chinese military has become significantly more aggressive in this area,” he said.

In an effort to balance out China’s increasing influence and presence in the region, the US is strengthening its relationships with Pacific nations.

Biden’s administration has called China the US’s “pacing threat” and primary security challenge.

As Gen Milley meets Indo-Pacific chiefs of defence this week in Sydney, Australia, he will focus on this threat.

The need to maintain a free, open and peaceful Pacific and China’s escalating military might will be discussed.



China may invade Taiwan, a democratic, self-ruled island Beijing views as a breakaway province, according to US military officials.

Provocations by the Chinese military against Taiwan have increased as it tries to intimidate it into joining the mainland.

Beijing wants to make a move on the island by 2027, according to Washington.

US law requires the government to treat all threats to Taiwan as matters of “grave concern”.

US military defense of Taiwan if China attacks is not explicitly stated in the law.

General Li Zuocheng, China’s top military officer, told Gen Milley on 7 July that Beijing has “no room for compromise” on Taiwan issues.

China-US ties and stability in the Taiwan Strait must not be affected by Chinese military collusion between the US and Taiwan.

General Milley’s visit to Indonesia is the first by a joint chiefs chairman since Admiral Mike Mullen in 2008.

Recently, US leaders have visited the region, including defense secretary Lloyd Austin and state secretary Antony Blinken.

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