China Warns US Over Planned House Speaker Pelosi Visiting Taiwan



Beijing says it will take strong measures if Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan, reiterating that China opposes all official interaction between the U.S. and Taiwan.

According to the spokesperson, since Congress is a part of the U.S. government, it must strictly adhere to the one-China policy that the U.S. pursues.

“Taiwan’s visit by Pelosi would seriously violate the one-China principle and provisions of the three China-U.S. joint communique, seriously undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, seriously weaken the political foundation of China-U.S. relations, and send serious signals to separatists in Taiwan,” Zhao said, adding that the Chinese side has made serious representations to the U.S.

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China to take strong measures if Pelosi visits the Taiwan region

Zhao also called for the U.S. to immediately halt official exchanges with Taiwan, cancel Nancy Pelosi’s planned visit, and fulfill its commitment not to support Taiwan’s independence.

Zhao stressed that China will take resolute and forceful measures to firmly defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, warning that the U.S. will also bear the consequences of any visit.

State Council Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson Ma Xiaoguang said on Thursday the Chinese side will never tolerate “Taiwan independence” separatist acts and wrong words or actions on the U.S. side which undermine China’s core interests.

As a result of increasing collusion between Taiwan and the United States, tensions across the Taiwan Straits have risen.

Ma also urged Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority to immediately cease any attempts to collude with external forces in seeking “independence,” noting that the party will ultimately be held accountable for its actions.

Pelosi will resolutely fight back if she visits Taiwan, and China will firmly defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said.

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