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China has 80% of Covid-19 infected People, So There’s Little Chance of a Big Rebound



China has 80% of Covid-19 infected People, So There's Little Chance of a Big Rebound

(CTN News) – According to a well-known government expert, there is little chance of a significant COVID-19 comeback in China during the next two to three months since 80% of the population is sick.

Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stated on the Weibo social media platform that a second COVID wave is unlikely shortly, even though the pandemic may spread due to the widespread movement of people during the ongoing Lunar New Year holiday period, boosting infections in some areas.

As a result of newly loosened COVID limitations, hundreds of millions of Chinese are traveling across the nation for holiday reunions, increasing concerns about new epidemics in rural regions that are less prepared to handle significant outbreaks.

According to a National Health Commission official, the number of COVID patients in China’s fever clinics, emergency rooms, and critical situations has peaked.

In the month since China abruptly ended its zero-COVID policy, about 60,000 COVID patients have died in hospitals.

According to official statistics, about 60,000 COVID patients have passed away in hospitals as of Jan. 12, or about a month after China unexpectedly ended its zero-COVID policy.

Because it doesn’t include those who pass away at home and many physicians have said they are discouraged from listing COVID as a cause of death, several experts believe the number likely grossly underestimates the true effect.

On one of China’s busiest travel days in years, passengers crammed into trains and buses on Friday, raising concerns about potential fresh outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus, which authorities claim has reached its peak.

Vice Premier Sun Chunlan said that the virus was at a “pretty low” level in remarks carried by state media late on Thursday. Health authorities stated that the number of Covid patients in hospitals and severe situations decreased.

According to Sun’s remarks, the country’s overall epidemic is now low, as quoted by the state-run Xinhua news agency.

Although the rescue effort is still significant, hospitals are seeing a steady decline in critical patients.

She spoke on the eve of one of the busiest travel days in China since the epidemic began, as millions of city people make their way home for the Lunar New Year vacation, which starts on Saturday.

According to official projections, more than 2 billion journeys will be made across China between January 7 and February 15.

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