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Chiang Rai One of 6 Cities to Potentially Host New Casinos

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New Casinos Hosted in Chiang Rai and the Future of Casinos

Since its inception in December, the concept of new casinos being hosted across Thailand has been met with opposition from some civil society organizations. A special committee has been convened to examine the financial benefits and social ramifications of gambling. As can be seen in neighboring countries like Cambodia and Macau it could prove to be great for the economy and help spur further development.

Risks of Players Playing at International Casinos

While waiting for legislation to ease up regarding both land-based and online casinos, more and more players in Thailand are turning to international no deposit casinos. This is risky, however, due to the fines and potential prison time if anyone is caught gambling illegally. It is generally advised that only citizens who are traveling out of the country consider playing at sites with no deposit bonuses to enjoy slots and table games with less risk of losing. If the land-based casinos are given the green light, hopefully, this will lead to more liberal laws overall.

Jumpstarting the Economy

Notwithstanding the state’s initiative, casino games in Thailand continue to be controversial however, those in the corporate sector believe that they can help jumpstart the country’s post-pandemic macroeconomic stability by attracting foreign visitors from all over the world.

Up to this point, ethical and religious objections to betting in the mainly Buddhist nation have prevented the government from taking any action.

Countless civil society organizations are opposed to gambling due to the general negative effect it has on societies close to casinos, that are frequently used as hubs for corruption, money laundering, and human slavery.

Deputy Transport Minister Atirat Ratanasate will preside over the committee, which will have three months to send a cost-benefit evaluation of the effects of casinos upon the country’s economy, employment market, and impression, among other things.

Laws Against Gambling

Gaming and wagering are currently prohibited in Thailand, except the national lottery plus horse racing. As noted in the opposition claims, casinos were excluded from the list so far due to concerns about their questionable ethics and the complexity of legislating and levying their operations.

If this was a contributing factor to the failings of past initiatives, the most recent effort to open gambling facilities appears to be in a more favorable position. The national domestic situation, the global world, and the aspirations of new investors all point to the possibility of success where everyone else has failed.

Online gambling laws in Chiang Rai are also bound to change. The online entertainment sector also includes gaming and with the rise of esports, hopefully, this will lead to more betting opportunities. As with all betting nations though, it’s important that a regulatory body is in place to ensure fair play and responsible gaming to ensure there are no negative consequences.


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