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Chiang Mai Woman’s Selling Technique Raises Eyebrows



Chiang Mai Woman's Selling Technique Raises Eyebrows

This week, an Internet sensation emerged with a clever way to attract customers from a street vendor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You will never see snacks – or the person selling them – the same way again unless you have snacked with your eyes.

With only a pin holding her cardigan together, the 23-year-old has been selling Thai pancakes, a popular street snack also known as Khanom Tokyo to locals in Chiang Mai. Men have flocked to her stall buying her sweet treats.

One motorcyclist even crashed his bike as he was ogling her, according to Thai media.

On Thursday a Chiang Mai policewoman told the street vendor, Miss Aranya Apaiso aka Olive, was dressed too sexily. She was advised by policewomen to dress more appropriately and also to maintain social distance with her customers.

She was ordered to wear a bra.

Meanwhile, a Thai Facebook page posted a photo with over 13,000 comments and 17,000 shares showing her at work, preparing snacks.

Thailand’s media reported that the young woman used to sell clothes online but decided to start selling snacks due to the pandemic.

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