Can Dogs Eat Avocados? 4 Things You Need To Know


Can Dogs Eat Avocados? 4 Things You Need to Know



You have to get careful about dogs’ food choices. As if humans have a tummy problem or are feeling unwell after eating a vegetable or a fruit, they can voice it up. Dogs can’t. Instead, they can only express their discomfort with certain behaviour traits, like irritability or becoming too silent.

As a dog owner, are you conscious of all you are feeding your dog? In that case, you must be careful about the fruits you are feeding him. For instance, avocados are a nutritious fruit, and you need to know how you can feed them to your dog. Many pet owners think about whether they can feed their dogs avocados.

When pitted and peeled, avocados are a good food choice and can bring a few health advantages. However, it is required that you serve it in moderation and prepare it with ample care because every dog will react differently to the same fruit.

Things to you need to know

You must be thinking, are avocados good for dogs? Here it would help if you learned about a toxin named persin that is contained in the avocado trees. It gets concentrated in the skin, pit and leaves of the avocado.

However, there are very reduced levels comprised in the fruit pulp too. Based on the parts used and the amount is eaten, avocados can lead to myocardial damage, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach upset.

That aside, it is very dense in calories and comes with increased fat content. Once they eat the flesh of the avocado in big quantities can result in GI upset and pancreatitis. It can also cause weight gain. The other issue is that the fruit can also result in intestinal blockages and choking.

It is a fact that the avocado pulp is secure for dogs, but you need to bear in mind that it can get toxic for other animals in your house. Research suggests avocados can also harm rabbits, goats, birds and horses.

The advantages of avocado for dogs

While, on the one hand, there are several health advantages for avocados, which comprises fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, the advantages can be obtained by making your dog consume other foods with reduced fat and are free from the vulnerability of pancreatitis.

However, you should consult a vet before deciding to give avocado to your dog.


What happens when your dog consumes avocado?

Even when you try hard not to give this fruit to your dog, they might have access to it. So, here is exactly what you must know concerning avocado consumption of avocado.

  • Flesh – Given that avocado flesh is slightly toxic for dogs, peeling an avocado slice will not make the dog sick. However, only when it gets eaten a vast amount will the avocado result in a problem in dogs. When the dog consumes avocado in any percentage, you should observe them for a day or two to check whether there are any physical reactions, such as loss of appetite or vomiting.
  • Pit – It is essential to know that an avocado pit doesn’t get well digested in the intestinal tract. It can result in intestinal blockage or gastric issues. When the dog consumes an avocado pit and can’t process it, the pit will get stuck midway in its intestinal tract. Ensure to get in touch with your vet for suggestions once the pit gets ingested. When you find the dog is straining to poop, vomiting, acting lethargic, and in pain, you need to get examined by the vet correctly.
  • Skin – The skin comes with a massive concentration of persin. That means, upon consumption, your dog can vomit or even have diarrhea when consumed in small amounts. Also, the outer layer is challenging to digest. When your dog eats the avocado skin, you can watch the symptom and get in touch with the vet instantly.

avocados for dogs

A few essential questions to keep in mind

Now that you are aware of the nature of avocado, it becomes essential to have a clear answer to a couple of questions so that you don’t get confused about how much avocado to feed your dog.

1. Can avocados be poisonous to a dog?

The pits, leaves and avocado peel comprises concentrated persin percentage, which is a fungicidal toxin that has the scope to lead to severe health issues. It would help if you never gave it to your dog. The flesh or pulp of the avocado will have a reduced percentage of persin, and a minimal amount is never considered dangerous for your dog. Get in touch with your vet to ensure to know the correct amount of avocado you should feed your dog.

2. Can dogs consume avocado pit?

Ensure that your dog doesn’t consume the avocado pit. Other than resulting in choking difficulty, it has the potential to lead to intestinal obstructions. That aside, the pit is higher in persin than the fruit’s flesh.

3. Is it correct for dogs to eat guacamole?

The pet doctors would recommend that the dogs shouldn’t consume guacamole. Other than the illness probability from toxins in the fruit, the fat from a vast section of guacamole, avocado pulp, usually comprises the added ingredients that aren’t secure for the pup, for instance, garlic, onions and salt.

4. Will the dogs be able to consume avocado peel?

It is not correct for dogs to consume an avocado peel which comprises an increased mix of persin. If the dog consumes it accidentally, it will be challenging to digest.

Finally, it would help if you got clear on whether a dog can consume avocado oil or not. The oil is high in fat content. That said, dogs can consume avocado oil because it doesn’t include persin. Now that you know these facts, you will know whether or not to feed your dog an avocado.


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