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Cambodian Casino Fire Leaves 21 Thai Citizens Dead



Cambodian Casino Fire Leaves 21 Thai Citizens Dead

(CTN News) – The number of fatalities from this morning’s fire catastrophe at the Grand Diamonds City and Casino in Poipet, Cambodia, has increased.

Officials from Thailand have stated that the fire claimed the lives of 21 Thai Citizens and wounded another 53. The Cambodian authorities have not yet verified the entire information on the fatalities and injuries.

To monitor the fire situation and assist the Thai people, representatives from the Burapa Internal Security Operations Command and other agencies arrived in Cambodia at 2:00 PM today.

Three structures form the Grand Diamond City and Casino was demolished, including a hotel with seven stories, an eight-story casino complex, and a VIP casino and hotel building with 17 floors.

The eight-story structure is being watched since it was devastated and will probably collapse shortly.

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According to information provided to Thairath by the Thai and Cambodian governments, 53 persons were hurt, and 21 Thai citizens died in the event.

Eight Thai women’s dead remains have already been transferred to Thailand across the border region of Trat between Thailand and Cambodia.

Families of the deceased will be called to provide identification and pick up the corpses.

Thairath was told by a Thai guy who had visited the casino that he had been staying on the 14th level of the VIP building. When the fire started, he was on the bottom level. Behind the bar where alcohol was sold, he saw an electric spark in an LED lamp.

A security guy attempted to put it out with a fire extinguisher, but it was unsuccessful. The flame then ascended to the ceiling and engulfed the gambling room.

He left the area right away, missing the subsequent events. More than 100 Thai individuals were present inside the casino, the guy said.

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