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Buying Luxury Watches as an Investment



A watch is more than a clock; it is an accessory, a status symbol. A watch determines how you look and which style you radiate. It is therefore very important to make an informed choice when looking for a new watch. What should you look out for? What do watches all differ in?
Where and when do you wear the watch?

There is a suitable watch for every situation. A sports watch will not wear you at a gala, and if you work in the garden you will not wear your most expensive watch. It is important to know when you want to wear the watch to make a good choice. If you often come to fancy occasions, it pays to spend more on a formal watch. If you often do odd jobs or work in the garden, you need a sturdy, cheap watch.

Analog or Digital Watch

A very large choice is whether you want an analog or digital watch. The preference often varies from person to person, but both watches do have different functions. For example, a digital watch often has extra options such as a stopwatch, a timer, background lighting or a calendar. An analog watch is in most cases simpler with just a time indication and possibly a stopwatch or date indication. Of course there are exceptions to both cases, so it often comes down to personal preference of luxury watches online or any watch brand.

Mechanical or Quartz Watch

Do you want the authentic watch feeling or rather an accurate timepiece? Often there are two types of timepieces for analog watches, mechanical watches and quartz (quartz) watches.

Mechanical Watch

A mechanical watch is a watch in which the timepiece must be wound using the crown. This is how the timepieces for the battery time were supplied with energy. With this watch, a spring must be tensioned by turning the crown in a certain direction. The time in which such watches must be wound varies from a few hours to a few days. There are also watch variants that are referred to as “automatic” or “automatic”. These watches also have a mechanical timepiece, but with these watches the spring is tensioned by movement of the user.

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are watches that use a quartz crystal to measure time. These watches often contain a battery and are very accurate. In most cases, a quartz watch is more accurate and cheaper than a mechanical watch. Most watches are therefore quartz watches.

Are they good for your investment?

High-quality watches are beautiful, useful and sometimes also a good investment – because they can greatly increase in value. However, not every expensive watch has an eternal value. People are increasingly buying a high-quality watch as an investment. Suppose you decide to purchase a watch as an investment, what should you pay attention to?

Luxury Watches as an Investment

A high-quality watch can be a good investment. It increasingly happens that an investor chooses an exclusive watch to invest in. However, it is not the case that every watch automatically increases in value. No one can predict with certainty whether the value of a specific watch will increase in the future. There are, however, factors that have a positive influence on the value of a timepiece.

Choose a Top Brand

If you want to purchase a watch that retains its value, always choose a top brand. To assess whether a brand is really top, it is best to consult the auction results of famous houses such as Antiquorum and Sotheby’s. Through the websites of these auction houses you can also order online catalogs and register for free to stay informed of upcoming auctions.

Generally you are in good hands with brands such as Rolex, Zenith, Bell andRoss, Vacheron Constantin, AudemarsPiguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre or Girard-Perregaux. Furthermore, the model is crucial. Rare pieces or the first of a series are particularly sought after. Smaller manufacturers may also increase the value. According to the principle of supply and demand, everything that people would like to have, but is difficult to get, increases in price. Distrust the indication ‘Limited Edition’. Little is made of a high-quality watch anyway.

For Men

Men, unlike women, have little choice in terms of accessories. Men regard a high-quality watch as a status symbol. Women’s watches generally also deliver less. That’s why you invest the best in a men’s watch.

Mechanical Timepiece

A mechanical timepiece is by far the favorite. This is made entirely by human hands. A nostalgic and traditional atmosphere surrounds it. This provides eternal value.

Classic Appearance

Choose a watch with a classic look. A too trendy model usually does not survive the test of time. Watches with gold or platinum case are no better than those with a steel case, but they are more expensive. Only buy a watch if you also like it, even if you buy a watch from an investment perspective.

What should you do?

Watch where you buy. Only purchase a watch from an official jeweler appointed by the manufacturer. With an auction sale: only at reputable houses and ask for proof of authenticity. Only buy a used or antique watch from a reputable address and ask for the original packaging and papers. Save all original documents and certificates carefully. These can come in handy with a possible sale.

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