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British Tourist Living in Chiang Mai Airport Given Accommodation

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British Tourist Chiang Mai

A British tourist who had been sleeping in Chiang Mai International Airport for a week has been given free accommodation at a guest house. The unnamed British tourist had been sleeping in the airport after her flights had been canceled. Furthermore she had run out of money to pay for an accommodation.

Staff at the airport had been providing her with food other support, saying that she was happy to stay at the airport as she felt safe. However one staff member said he often saw the woman crying. He speculated she was worried about getting back to her home country.

After the story first appeared on social media on Sunday, Chiang Mai Governor Mr. Charoenrit Sanguansat ordered the director of the airport to remedy the situation.

Free accommodation for the stranded British traveler was subsequently found. She was put up at the 24 Guest House in Chiang Mai. The British tourist was transported there by airport staff last night, April 19.

Thai Netizens and media speculated that the woman was a digital nomad. Due to coronavirus restrictions was unable to receive funds from her employer.

Russian Tourist living in Krabi Cave

russian couple krabi police

Meanwhile, he Krabi tourist police have found a Russian couple living in a tent inside a cave in Tonsai Bay after they were kicked out of their hotel. They have been stuck in Thailand due to the COVID-19 situation and can’t return back to Russia.

The Russian tourists tourists stated that they came to visit Krabi Province and its been over 2 months since their arrival in Thailand. Last month the couple visited the police station to file a report after their drone and camera went missing.

Police couldn’t track down their belongings so the couple had no choice but to let the issue go. Then around the beginning of the month, new safety measures shut down their hotel. They had nowhere to go and because they didn’t know anyone they had to find their own methods of survival.