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Brian Stelter Rebukes CNN On Final Show: Standing Up To Demagogues Is Not Partisan



Brian Stelter

(CTN News) – CNN’s Brian Stelter says, “When it comes to standing up for decency, democracy, and dialogue in the media, it is not partisan,” following the cancellation of Reliable Sources by CNN

During his final episode of CNN’s media affairs program Reliable Sources, which was cancelled last week after 30 years on air, Brian Stelter ripped into the new network bosses’ intentions to seek a more “neutral voice.”

Defending democracy, decency, and dialogue is not partisan, Brian Stelter said in his final monologue, which he said was conceived by CNN management before he delivered it.

As I said earlier, standing up to demagogues is neither partisan nor partisan – it is required, and it is patriotic as well.

As he said, we must ensure that we do not give a platform to those who are lying to our faces by supplying them with a platform.

It has only been four months since the network came under brand new leadership appointed by its owners, Warner Brothers Discovery, but Stelter was given his marching orders last Wednesday.

In the wake of the February departure of Jeff Zucker from CNN, the new head of the network, Chris Licht, has indicated that he wants to tone down its opinion quotient and “return” to the older, straighter, and in his opinion, less overtly leftist style of reporting that had previously dominated its shows.

Among CNN’s stars under the newly appointed leadership, it is perhaps predictable that Brian Stelter will become one of the first casualties among the newly appointed team. NPR’s media correspondent, David Folkenflik, recently explained how Stelter was a thorn in the side of the Trump White House, exposing its lies and misinformation on a regular basis.

It was as a result of this that he was targeted for frequent criticism from conservatives for his coverage of the media during the Trump administration.

Almost immediately after Stelter was booted from the NBC news department, there was a flurry of speculation about the reasons behind this move. It has been suggested that John Malone, a wealthy Discovery investor who has led the charge against CNN being too partisan in its reporting, might be at fault.

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