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3 Seriously Wounded after Bombs Explode in Deep South



3 Seriously Wounded after Bombs Explode in Deep South

While inspecting the area where a villager’s leg was blown off by buried bombs on Thursday evening, two explosive ordnance disposal officers were badly injured by the bombs blast on Friday morning.

Moreover, it was located near the mosque where soldiers killed three militants on Thursday morning.

In the district of Chana of Songkhla, soldiers and police guarded two explosive ordnance disposal officers that were working near a railway bridge.

A nearby intersection had also been cordoned off throughout the explosive ordnance inspection.

At approximately 9:30 am, a loud explosion was heard in the area where the two EOD officers and a sniffer dog were working. The two EOD officers were badly injured by the bombs explosion and were rushed to a hospital.

On Thursday evening, a villager lost his leg after stepping on one of the bombs buried near the bridge, which was planted near the railway track.

Bombs allegedly planted by Islamic Militants

The explosion wasn’t far from the scene of a clash between soldiers and three Islamic militants earlier that day.

According to a police source, the man’s right leg was blown off and he also sustained serious wounds to his right arm. He was taken to Chana Hospital by nearby residents on a motorcycle.

The police believed the bombs were planted by Islamic militants. The explosion was about 4-5 kilometres away from the mosque where soldiers and armed militants clashed on Thursday.

Three Islamic militants were killed when they tried to break through the security forces surrounding the Koran study centre in Tambon Ban Na, Chana in Songkhla.

The area was inspected by a bombs disposal team for fear of more bombs being buried on the path to the site of the clash.

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